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2015 NSW State Election:     Comment:  Politics is always difficult……….

Newcastle Herald 30 March 2014: Washington Wins In A Surprise Swing To Labor

Newcastle Herald 29 March: Comment – Massive Voter Shift Warning

Newcastle Herald 29 March 2014: Kate Washington Set To Steal Port From Libs

Full House at Forum

Full House at Forum

 10 March 2015 ‘Meet the Candidates’ Full Report: HERE

Mistaken Identity: A letter to all PS Councillors and MPS from one of our activists

Council Stuff:

Seven Snouts in the Trough!!

Prediction 24 Feb 2015::: THIS will romp through Council tonight………..!!!!

We were right, it did, moved K Jordan seconded S Dover: Carried. We estimate that with the General Manager and Staff attending, with fees, accommodation, air fares etc. this will probably run into around $25-30,000.00. How many little piggies does it take to change a light bulb in Darwin?

.In Depth Financial Investigation: What is the true state Of The Books At PSC?

Council Management Of Resort: Samurai/TreEscape Update 31 January 2015

Comment from Bejeepers in ‘Have your Say’ – “Shoal Bay Cage” issue.





2014 LOCAL POLITICS:  There is so much that we have archived it on a separate page: HERE 

2015 LOCAL POLITICS:  State Election Coverage – We have archived it on a separate page: HERE 


Newcastle Herald 25 Feb. 2015: Phone Call From MP Alarms Campaigner

NBN News 27 Feb. 2015Anger Over Port Stephens Sand Mine Proposals

Newcastle Herald 27 Feb.: Greens Dig In Against Port Stephens Sand Mne Plans

Newcastle Herald 07 October 2014: Sandmine Lease Advice Ignored

Examiner 17 December 2014: TreEscape Will Miss Christmas Deadline

Examiner 07 Novbember: Old Samurai Resort To become New TreEscape Park

Examiner 07 November 2014: TRRA Jumps On TreEscape Park

Newcastle Herald 30 October 2014: Port Stephens Council Pitches Camping Plan Tor Samurai Beach Resort More on this soon!

Analysis of these important reports soon.

Report: Panel Of Experts – Political Donations

Interim Report And Summary – From NSW Parliamentary Committee 




What is the true state Of The Books At PSC?

Why Have Council Removed The Business Units From The Annual Financial Statements?

Financial-StatementsPart One 03 Dec. 2014.     Financial-Statements  Part Two 05 Feb 2015


Bobs Farm MineBobs Farm Sand Mine – Information

Welcome To Bob’s Farm Mine!

Update 09 Januaruy 2015 – EDO Community Workshop!


Cleanup PupDog Exercise Areas Adopted

Check out new rules, Maps etc.



Nudist Girls 2B1. Samurai Beach Resort – The Naked TruthSamurai TNT 4

2. Samurai Beach Resort – More Naked Truths

3. Samurai Beach Resort – The Last Naked Truth


4. Updated To 31 January 2015

Posted 28 January 2014

How Port Stephens Ratepayers lost Their Shirt ! 

Listen to the interview on ABC Newcastle Local Radio 1233 Monday 17 Feb HERE (give it time to download!)


billsWrite Off Unrecoverable Debit…….!

Incompetent ? You bet !



ParkingA Double Whammy For Nelson Bay CBD

Donald Street East And Coles Closure will cause Parking Chaos in Nelson Bay

Update 12 December 2014



Happy To Take Your Dollars But Don’t Try And Spend A Penny!

Woolies Nelson Bay ‘Relieved’ of DA Condition for Public Toilets?

Update 17 December 2014: Thank You Councillor Dingle!


 Rubbish Pickup 2What’s Happening To Kerbside Cleanups?

Posted 03 October 2014

On Call Bulk Waste Collection Next Year?


Better Planning Network

Better Planning Network Community Charter

Posted 15 September 2014

Planning For The people!

Cool Text TRRA Political Heat



NSW Parliamentary Committee To Investigate Planning In The Hunter

The LG Minister Has Invited TRRA Inc. To Make A Submission To This  Inquiry…..



The Cross BenchICAC – Local Govt. Minister: Please Finish The Job!

Posted 15 September 2014

 More Damning Revelations About Our Council From The ICAC


Grim-reaper-death-WallpaperICAC: Who Is In The Cac At ICAC?

Posted 06 May 2014, Updated to Friday 28 July 2014.

“The Grim Reaper” TRRA Inc. Says: Clean it ALL up!


NSW Parlliament

TRRA Inc. Issues Raised In NSW Parliament

Posted 26 August 2014

 Budget Estimates 19 August Hansard Transcript


552022_109590482522731_1413107044_nICAC, Mackenzte & McCloy – Should Property Developers be Mayors Too?

Posted 18 August 2014 _Updated 20 August 2014

Reaction from The Mayor: Call For ICAC Probe Into PSC & Mayor Bruce MacKenzie


What is going on at WALLALONG?   

Posted October 31, **Updated 23 July 2014**

Is PS Council looking after the big developers or its own ratepayers? 



Karuah Mens Shed – Because He Can…...

Posted 06 July 2014

Recomendations Are Just Recomendations………..!




A chronological account of the media coverage is available HERE

We will keep this post updated as the story unfolds, more to come….! WE RESURECT A CONTROVERSIAL UNPUBLISHED FILE FROM OUR ARCHIVES!

NB******* ! Update 01 March 2014 Newcastle Herald: ‘Bruce Almighty’ ********* !


140301 Lewis Cartoon Thumb

Newcastle Herald PSC Election Investigation

Posted 02 March 2014,  Updated To Friday 07 March 2014!

Herald Reporters Investigate PSC Election Rort

Read the full ‘Bruce Almighty’ Series, with Editorial letters and comments.


Newcastle Airport 100 x100Newcastle Airport – PS Council To Waive Sec 94 Fees? 

Examiner 13 Aug: Port Mayor Made Unsuccessful Bid For Airport Exemption

Posted 12 August 2014



Posted 31 October 2013

Announced at the AGM.  Read it: HERE.



Are We In The Dark Over DA’s?

Posted February 17 2014

Should critical information in Development Applications be subject to copyright or is Council just avoiding proper disclosure?  


Oasis Close Pic 240x180Ash St/ Oasis Close – Walkway To Nowhere?

Posted 06 July 2014: Updated to October 30 2014

Soldiers Point Cost Blowout

Submissions Close 16 July 2014!!


Mackas Brainfart5

Closures On The Peninsula?

Posted 06 May 2014

Tomaree Lodge? Yacaaba  Centre?

Updated to July 11 2014: Op Ed Newcastle Herald


Driveway of Traditional Craftsman HouseYacaaba Centre, Domestic Violence Counselling Service looses Funding

Posted 03 July 2014, Updated 27 August 2014

How will this critical service be replaced?

We were right, Closures On The Table: Examiner 06 May 2014

We have archived some of our older maternal to another page so that things won’t look so cluttered and will load quicker  To the Back-Burner Page

Usage3TRRA Inc. Website Success

We must be getting something right…….!


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