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Posted 25 November 2016 – Details of this statement: HERE

TRRA Meetings

Forum 3The Next TRRA event will be a General Meeting, 7:00pm, Tuesday 21 February 2017 Nelson Bay Bowling Club , Agenda. News Letter HERE

TRRA Meeting Notice: Do you want Hi-Rise in the Nelson Bay CBD?

TRRA Flyer 30 Jan 2017: How High? General Meeting 21 Feb 2017

Press Release: Bay sites reaching for the sky – 15 Feb 2017

‘Strategic planning staff of Port Stephens Council will attend the TRRA General Meeting on Tuesday 21 February (7pm Nelson Bay Bowling Club) for an item on the Nelson Bay Strategy Review Discussion Paper, which will be on formal public exhibition in February and March, but is already available as an attachment to papers for the 13 December Council meeting – see: DISCUSSION PAPER – PROGRESS OF THE NELSON BAY TOWN CENTRE & FORESHORE STRATEGY   Click on the links in the ‘Documents Library’ on the right side of the page for documents.

120716 PIC 2 TRRAThe last TRRA General Meeting was the AGM & General Meeting, Tuesday 18 October 2016 at Nelson Bay Bowling Club Crows Nest Room, 7.00pm  Guest Speaker: Ron Land, Vice Pres. Hunter Koala Preservation Society.  Minutes and AGM Presentation, AGM Notice & Info pageCommittee Nomination Form, Membership Form

 All TRRA General Meeting dates for 2017  HERE
 February 2017 Newsletter – DA Watch

** Read this! – Very Important for Tomaree Ratepayers **

How High? High -Rise In Nelson Bay!

Examiner 14 Feb 2017 – Artists Impression………..

TRRA Press Release: Bay sites reaching for the sky – 15 Feb 2017
How High? Community faces critical decision on Nelson Bay Building Heights.

Posted 24 Jan 2017

Major Issue!: Have your say at our 21 February TRRA Meeting – More to come……..

Discussion Paper – Progress of the Nelson Bay Town Centre & Foreshore Strategy

The updated version of this document has been posted on the Council website today (13 Feb 2017) on on this link and is on exhibition from 13 February – 13 March 2017 . (Click on the links on the right of the page for the documents). Council Planners will attend our TRRA General Meeting, 7:00pm Tuesday,  Nelson Bay Bowling Club to discuss this important document and its implications for building heights etc. Please notify your friends and come along, this is a public meeting.  

Nelson Bay Planning – Some Thoughts   –  Bob Young

Past TRRA President Bob Young’s contribution to the current planning debate

  How High? Media Reaction……..

Examiner 14 Feb 2017: Bay sites reaching for the sky

Examiner 14 Feb 2017: TRRA meeting talks heights 

Examiner 14 Feb 2017 : Letters To The Editor – Economics 101 – Supply And Demand

Examiner 14 Feb 2017: Show us the money’: Bay businessman

Examiner 7 Feb 2016: Eight Is The Sweet Spot….. 

NOTA 07 Feb 2017: Building Height limits on agenda at Tomaree Ratepayers and Residents Association meeting

Examiner 07 Feb 2017: Opinion – Mike Makintosh PSC – Nelson Bay CBD: Something must be done 

Newcastle Herald 01 Feb 2017: Nelson Bay looks to higher calling

Letters to Examiner 17 Jan 2017: Height rings alarm bells – Nigel Dique , ecconetwork Port Stephens

Letters to Examiner 31 Jan 2017: Prosperity no reason – Jan Wilson

Letters to Examiner 07 Feb 2017 (Response) : DAs Rubber Stamped

Examiner 31 Jan 2017: TRRA urges caution on Nelson Bay height restrictions

TRRA Opinion Piece

How High?

Examiner 11 Jan 2017: Donald Street and Church Street apartment sites have faced historical financial and planning challenges


Examiner 11 Jan 2017: Plans progress for Church Street and Donald Street apartment buildings


Newsletter IconNovember 2016 TRRA Inc. Newsletter

Posted 27 Nov 2016

Latest Update before Xmas, Includes Letter to Government re: Council Merger timetable

  Whats The PlanDA Watch September 2016

Updates Include: Shoal Bay: Height Limits; Catalina Motel , Nelson Bay: Car Parks re-development, Corlette: New shops and services at Salamander Centre, Port Stephens: Pathways Plan.


February 2017: We are still waiting for  have just got an announcement on the proposed mergers…………….Council elections were scheduled  for  September 2016! All Council Amalgamation News is now updated regularly on  The Council Amalgamation Page
 What does this mean for Port Stephens ?

TRRA Will be providing an in depth analysis on what the proposed Council amalgamations will mean to the people of  the Tomaree Peninsula, and an aggregation of what the media is saying about  it. TRRA says: ” keep a cool head at this stage, no one really knows how this is going to work yet!” (we still don’t know 14 months later….!)

TRRA Press Release: Council Mergers – Expensive backflip to the status quo – 15 Feb 2017 

Newcastle Herald 14 Feb 2017: Berejiklian abandons regional council mergers

Newcastle Herald 15 Feb 2017: EDITORIAL: NSW government leaves regional councils alone

Examiner 14 Feb 2017: Port to be left alone

Examiner 14 Feb 2017: Cr Chris Doohan welcomes the premier’s merger announcement

Sydney Morning Herald 08 Feb 2017: Berejiklian government searches for clear path on council mergers 

Newcastle Herald 02 Feb 2017: Premier Gladys Berejiklian urged to scrap forced mergers 

ABC News 02 Feb 2017 : NSW council amalgamations possible backflip faces mixed reactions across the state

Fairfax Media: (Video): Understanding Council Mergers Amelia Thorpe – UNSW Law (click & wait for it to load)

Sydney Morning Herald 31 Jan 2017: With legal bills growing, councils call for Certainty

Examiner 20 Jan 2017: Mike Baird resignation, Hunter MPs, mayors, union officials and business people react 

Sydney Morning Herald 20 Jan 2017: Mike Baird resigns and now John Barilaro wants to stop council mergers

Newcastle Herald 20 Jan 2017: NSW council amalgamations: Nationals leader John Barilaro turns on mergers after Mike Baird resignation 

Sydney Morning Herald Jan 15 2017: Woollahra councillor questions spending on merger court action 

Examiner October 21 2016: Merger Outcome No Clearer After Councils Conference – Video                     How to make friends and influence people at Newcastle Council!!

For More, go to Council Mergers/Amalgamations…………




Examiner 17 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council agrees to $6m loan for Yacaaba Street extension – (Webmaster: We are in ‘Election Mode” already………!)

Newcastle Herald 17 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council rejects umpire’s decision on code of conduct case 

Examiner 14 Feb 2017: Calls for an apology after case review

Newcastle Herald 11 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council sees monsters in the dark 

Newcastle Herald 01 Feb 2017: Eagleton Rock Syndicate revives plans for hard rock quarry within Grahamstown Dam drinking water catchment

Newcastle Herald 18 Nov 2016 – Editorial: Premier Mike Baird’s changes to ICAC are a bad look for this government   More HERE

Newcastle Herald Nov 11 2016: Government accused of using Trump as cover for controversial bill

Sydney Morning Herald 08 Oct 2016: ‘Wholesale Gutting’: Opposition warning as environmental bills introduced

Sydney Morning Herald 23 Oct 2016: Warnings of Crown land ‘fire sale’ by Baird government

Examiner August 30 2016: Nelson Bay NOW formed to liaise with Port Stephens Council 



N.S.W. Independent Commission Against Corruption

Bribe_20151009121118ICAC Report – Operation Spicer Report Released 30 Aug 2016 *

Long Awaited Report Finally released – Even More ICAC Stories: HERE

Media Stories Updated to 24 November 2016

CaptureICAC Still Under Threat

Posted 12 December 2015 (Updated 30 August 2016) Report Now Tabled

Opinion: Could a pair of fake breasts have triggered a saga that changes forever the powers of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption?

McCloyMcCloy High Court Challenge Fails

Posted October 09 2015

Q: When will we ever see the full ICAC report?

A: When big developers run out of Lawyer Money……

Mambo Wetlands

0 KoalaOctober 2016: Update on Mambo Wetlands Issue – ‘Come And Walk the Mambo Wetlands

Sold off ‘by mistake’

 Mambo Land SaleSave Mambo Wetlands’ Community Forum 

 5:45 PM Thursday 26 May – Horizons Golf course

Posted 12 May 2016 – Updated 01 June 2016

Mambo 4Are The Mambo Wetlands Under Threat?

Posted 12 May 2016 –Updated 01 June 2016

Big slice of Mambo Wetlands On Sale 09 June

Lagoons Estate

Lawyers1Lawyers Picnic at Lagoons Estate

12 Years of litigation, and the only winners are the lawyers!

Posted 12 April 2016 (Updated to 20 May 2016)

Money-down-drain 1Ratepayers Millions down The Drain?

Posted 19 June 2015 (Updated to 5 April 2016) More Soon!

Lagoons Estate – Court Battles With PSC

Salt Ash Pony Club – BMX Track

  Macka 3Minister Toole’s Belated Response to Background Briefing Program

Posted 17 December 2015

TRRA Asks: How much more of this sort of behavior will be tolerated by this Government and its Minister before some action will be taken?

Pony Club BMXAlexander Park Dressage, Salt Ash Pony Club or Bruce’s BMX?

Posted October 09 2015, Updated to 20 Jan 2016

More Fallout from the ABC Background Briefing Show. Get the full story! 

Macka 3The Sand Mining Mayor Who Loves A Deal 

Posted October 02 2015

Background Briefing-ABC Radio National 9:00 AM Sunday 04 Oct.

Update Sunday 04 October 2015: Audio Link to full Background Briefing Show

The show was certainly an insight on how things get done by our Mayor at Port Stephens Council. The show is a result of about 22 Hours of recordings done by Anne Arnold in her research into this issue. If you missed it, they are repeating it on Tuesday evening at 9:00 PM on ABC Radio National (FM 98.3 up here) 

Cabbage Tree Sand Mine

 CCQP 1abbage Tree Road Sandmine

Posted 25 July 2015

Will The Port Stephens Ratepayers Ever Get the ‘Cabbage’ from the Cabbage Tree Road Sand Mine? Part 1 Updated 20 August 2015: Part 2

 National Broadband Network

NBN 2The NBN is in Nelson Bay!

Posted 01 June 2016

Watch out for the spin

NBN 2The NBN IS Coming, But What Are We Getting?

Posted 12 April 2016

Plagued by delays and speed issues? 

2016 'Meet The Candidates' Forum Flyer 1A Candidates Forum and TRRA General Meeting was held Wednesday 15 June 2016. 

Guest Speakers were the Federal Election Campaign Candidates. General Meeting Agenda: HERE,  Press Release: HERE, Sub-Committee Forum Report: HERE, Minutes: HERE, Letter to successful candidate HERE

Planning Issues

Whats The PlanTRRA D.A. WATCH

Posted 18 September 2016

TRRA Planning Sub Committee monitors all D.A.’s of interest submitted to Council and the Department of Planning. Check this link regularly for the latest updates and comment

DA Watch

Updates Include: Shoal Bay: Height Limits; Catalina Motel , Nelson Bay: Car Parks re-development, Corlette: New shops and services at Salamander Centre, Port Stephens: Pathways Plan.

Whats The PlanPositive Planning Initiatives

Posted 14 June 2015

New LEP, DA Tracker etc. 

ParkingConcern Re Commercial Development Of Donald Street Car Parks

Posted June 05 2015

What are PSC Property Services doing with our car parks?

ParkingA Double Whammy For Nelson Bay CBD

Posted October 29 2014

Donald Street East And Coles Closure will cause Parking Chaos in Nelson Bay

A report is being prepared on a new proposal for this site

BPAGBoomerang Park Raymond Terrace – ‘A Walk In The Park

Walk with the Action Group for an insight into this historic site Flyer HERE

Fundraiser Movie night Thursday 04 November 2015

Boomerang IconBoomerang Park/RT Mens Shed

This needed to be published but it still needs a bit of work


Anna Bay 1Major Victory For Anna Bay Community Action Group

Posted 20 August 2015

Power to the people!

Bay Resort 1$230 Mill Anna Bay Resort

Posted 16 August 2015

Submission made to Council


Our Council……

Port Stephens CouncilAn Evening With Macka……………

Posted 06 August 2015

Report on PS Council Meeting 28 July 2015

What your Elected Representatives are up to…………

DoohanLetters: Examiner April 12 2016 MP’S Actions Prove Costly

Posted April 14 2016

Kate 1Local MP Takes On PSC Mayor

Posted 13 August 2015

Has Macka Finally Met His Match?

  Tree Policy Changes

Tree Removal 1Update On Tree Policy Changes

Posted 19 June 2015

Council’s proposed changes to its tree removal policy are on public exhibition, until 30 July.

IMG_1457AAfter The Storm

Posted 06 May 2015

Is The Council Going To Do A Green Waste Pickup For Residents?

PSC Storm Recovery Information

Updated PSC Media Release 11 May 2015

Dungog 14Reaction to Mayor’s Controversial Tree Cull Proposal

PSC – 03 June 2015: Update: Dangerous Tree Removal Statement May 2015

Check this story before you cut down any trees……!

Flood Mound Developments

Dungog 10Developments On Floodmounds – Rampant Approval

Posted 05 June 2015

Mackenzie: ‘Have not seen any houses floating past yet” !!

What is going on at WALLALONG?   

Posted October 31, **Updated 23 July 2014**

Is PS Council looking after the big developers or its own ratepayers? 

Bruce01Karuah Mens Shed – Because He Can……

Posted 06 July 2014

Recomendations Are Just Recomendations………..!

In Depth P.S.C. Financial Investigation: 

Australian Dollar Notes Bundles StackIs Port Stephens Council As Financially Viable As They Would Like Us To Believe?

Posted 25 July 2015

Councillor Geoff Dingle on  the current financial status of our Council. 

balancesheetWhat is the true state Of The Books At PSC?

First posted 23 December 2014

Why Have Council Removed The Business Units From The Annual Financial Statements?                                    
Financial-StatementsPart One 03 Dec. 2014. 

Part Two 05 Feb 2015                         

Part Three  18 April  2015

Port Stephens Council Holiday Park Management

Nudist Girls 2B1. Samurai Beach Resort – The Naked TruthSamurai TNT 2

2. Samurai Beach Resort – More Naked Truths

3. Samurai Beach Resort – The Last Naked Truth

4. Samurai TreEscape Updated To 31 January 2015

Originally Posted 28 January 2014

How Port Stephens Ratepayers lost Their Shirt ! 

Listen to the interview on ABC Newcastle Local Radio 1233 Monday 17 Feb HERE (give it time to download!)

Sand Mining In Port Stephens

Mackas SandUrgent! Macka’s Sand To Increase Sand Truck Movements 200%

Posted 5:00pm Friday 07 August 2015 –

Community Forum: Williamtown Public Hall, Nelson Bay Road

Update: Newcastle Herald 10 Jan 2016: Macka’s quarry plans queried

Bobs Farm MineBobs Farm Sand Mine – Information

Update 09 Januaruy 2015 – EDO Community Workshop!

Welcome To Bob’s Farm Mine!

Bobs Farm MineWho The Heck Was Bob?

Saturday 18 April 2015

An afternoon of stories celebrating the heritage of Bobs Farm


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