Letters: MP’S Actions Prove Costly

Examiner – Letters to the Editor 12 April 2016: MP’s actions prove costly

 DoohanThis letter probably requires a  response from TRRA as well. Clr. Doohan should put on his boxing gloves and give himself an uppercut for drawing this conclusion from the article in the Examiner, it is  just a cheap political shot. Kate Washington has made it pretty clear where she stands on this merger proposal from the Baird Government and Minister Toole, as have TRRA, it is the Government’s policy, they own it and it is state wide not just Port Stephens. If he wants to whinge, that would be a good place to start, not try to shift the blame elsewhere.  

Maybe TRRA should take some of the blame too, because we have complained long and hard to the Minister, the OLG and anyone who would listen about the decisions taken by Councilor Doohan and some of his mates. The one this week about the new ratepayer funded Medowie boozer is a classic and he is the main perpetrator, that is where $3.8 mil of our section 94 funds are going and that is only the first stage! There is a need for sports facilities in Medowie for young people, not this.

Newcastle Herald 04 Dec 2016: Port Stephens Councillor Chris Doohan is pushing for a new sports club. No alcohol, gambling for Medowie Club 

Newcastle Herald April 12 2016: Call for Medowie venue to “go for a beer together and watch sport” | poll

Now that they have blown the $200.00 K that they lifted out of our account to fight this merger, and what will it achieve? Probably Zilch! If anything their attitude is what will probably get them sacked by the Minister. Oh well, blame the Local Member, nothing to see here, it was not our fault! 

We are beginning to wonder if Clr. Dingle may be right, for Port Stephens the sooner the Government cleans this mob out the better we will be. Let’s hope they don’t do too much more damage before that happens and let’s hope that we get some say in the replacements! This blow-in only got in on the Mayor’s coattails anyway.

Kate in Examiner

Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner

MP’s actions prove costly

I WAS disgusted to read the story “Washington weathers mighty year of storms and stoushes [Examiner, April 7] marking Port MP Kate Washington’s first year in office.

In it she openly admitted to taking action which she believes “may have” led to the merger decision of Port Stephens and Newcastle.

Later, she publicly claimed to not agree with a merger and vowed to fight against it.

Was it because she realised the community was against it, and pulled out the turn-coat?

Well thanks Kate, the council and community have now had to fight and spend ratepayers money to prevent such a proposal taking place and  to undo your actions.

How very disappointing.

Chris Doohan

Deputy Mayor, Port Stephens

An Evening with Macka…………..


Examiner 13 December 2016: Tomaree Ratepayers and Residents Association issues apology to mayor Bruce MacKenzie

And in a parallel universe:

Examiner 26 December 2016: OPINION: Port Stephens Council and residents united in 2016 to fight to state government on merger proposal

“Of course, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that the people who live and visit Port Stephens are happy with their local area and their local council.
I’m not really one for statistics, but this year we achieved a community satisfaction rating of 86 per cent despite the turmoil.
That’s probably the greatest tribute of all.” – Mayor Bruce MacKenzie

Port Stephens Council 28 July 2015

Port Stephens Council

This is a story about last week’s Council meeting when about 100 people turned up including State MP Kate Washington and rallied outside Council. 

Council Meeting 2A

This is some of the reaction afterwards:

Examiner 06 Aug 2015: Letter to the Editor

150728 TRRA Letter to Councillors Re Cabbage Tree Mine

150810 PSC Response To TRRA Letter Re Cabbage Tree Mine

Newcastle Herald 28 July 2015: Chaos at Port Council meeting

Examiner 29 July: Explosive scenes at Port Stephens Council Port Stephens Council meeting gets heated 

1233 ABC Radio Interview 29 July 2015: This morning, 1233’s Paul Turton checked in with Port Stephens Mayor Bruce MacKenzie and Member for Port Stephens Kate Washington, after a rather eventful council meeting last night.

The Port Stephens Council meeting began with 30 to 40 angry protesters descending on the chambers, moved on to disputes, heckling, accusations and shouting matches, and ended with an unsuccessful “no confidence” motion by Cr Peter Kafer.

Mayor McKenzie and MP Washington told Paul their sides of the story, their individual opinions on the protesters, and engaged in a somewhat heated debate about the future of Port Stephens.

1233 ABC Radio Interview 29 July 2015: Port Stephens Council Meeting Gets Heated – Mayor Bruce Mackenzie and MP Kate Washington (Audio File- Turn up your speakers)

Newcastle Herald 30 July 2015: Mayor votes on sand mine despite conflict of interest

  • Clarification: Murray Towndrow was the Development Manager, Buildev NSW Pty Ltd. and was the employee of CQP that Council were negotiating the Cabbage tree Mine Lease with.  
  • Darren Williams was CEO of Buildev and the sole Director of Castle Quarry Products.
Breaking News, 29 July 2015:
We now have the Minutes from the 28 July Council. We have just discovered a Supplementary document that we were not aware of at the meeting. Supplementary Information This effectively parks this major controversy until after the next Council election! How convenient.
This mine was supposed to be producing 1.7 million dollars income per year for the rate payers from July 2016. How much more money is this continuing flirtation with Buildev, Tinkler and Co. going to cost us in grandiose plans that never get delivered? Whats the betting that we get to 28 Jan 2017 and they will be looking for another extension? How many chances do they get? So much for the forward estimates for the Council budget. and addressing the $29 Million backlog of maintenance and Infrastructure.

Newcastle Herald July 31: MICHAEL McGOWAN: Port needs fresh start

“From Newcastle, the view of the Port Stephens Council, when one is formed, is generally of an enigmatic basket case led under the quasi-dictatorial influence of Cr MacKenzie.”  – Michael McGowan

Local MP Takes On PSC Mayor

Council Meeting 1A


Macka’s Sand To Increase Sand Truck Movements 200%

Examiner 18 March 2016: Macka’s Sand gains approval for additional 14 truck movements 

Newcastle Herald 16 Feb 2016: Port Stephens mayor Bruce MacKenzie’s family sand quarry stands alone in compliance audit 

Update From Community Forum – 08 August 2015

Examiner 11 August 11: Mackas Sand truck movement concern

Newcastle Herald 08 August 2015: Mayor’s mining company breached conditions

The article in the Herald above pretty well covers what occurred at the well attended meeting at the Williamtown hall called by our State MP Kate Washington.

If you wish to make a submission you should go to the NSW Govt Planning & Environment website HERE and follow the instructions. Submissions will only be open until 19 August 2015. 

Community Forum

This is to notify members that there is a special meeting being held on Friday next 7th August commencing at 5 pm in the Williamtown Hall, Nelson Bay Road.

The public notice in the Examiner this week relating to the request for a substantial increase (200%) to the existing sand truck movements to and from the new Mackas Sand alternate road access (white fence on left) will be the main topic. An extension to operating hours is also being sought. TRRA Inc objected strongly to this road construction with major concerns for safety our main issue. It was approved with conditions relating to truck movements and operating hours to protect public safety and amenity for neighbours.

Kate Washington, MP who has followed the approval process for the construction of this road long before she became our local member is hosting this meeting. She has organized the following speakers:-
Anna Zycki, Hunter Regional Manager, Roads and Maritime Services; and
Mr Collin Phillips, Team Leader, Department of Planning & Environment. Mackas Sand

Your attendance would be greatly appreciated. Public safety is at risk.

Do you want more trucks coming on and off Nelson Bay Road?

Newcastle Herald 03 August 2015: Truck traffic set to soar

Newcastle Herald 04 August 2015:Extra traffic expected to exacerbate problems

ABC News 07 August 2015: Truck concerns prompt community forum

Newcastle Herald 19 Aug 2015: Mackenzie tells McKay: mind your own business

Cabbage Tree Road Sandmine

Will The Port Stephens Ratepayers Ever Get the ‘Cabbage’ from the Cabbage Tree Road Sand Mine? Part 1

This story above was edited 01 August 2015 as further information was received.

Australian Dollar Notes Bundles Stack

There is a fair bit of detail in this article but TRRA think this is necessary to understand the implications of this story, and get all of it properly on the record.

• This information was researched from the 35 newspaper reports and all the Council documents in our extensive TRRA database on the subject, and we feel that it needs to be aired in full. References are included at the bottom of the article.

• We hope the ratepayers of Port Stephens will consider our major articles like this when evaluating the Councils performance prior to the next election in 2016.

This story has been evolving as we researched it and The Cabbage Tree Mine is on The Agenda for the Council Meeting 28 July 2015. We will keep updating this story, on this page, it still has a long way to go.

150221 CQP Mine




Cabbage Tree Sand Mine Part 2

 Will The Port Stephens Ratepayers Ever Get the ‘Cabbage’ from the Cabbage Tree Road Sand Mine? Part 2

More updates on this story as they become available. 

Is Port Stephens Council As Financially Viable As They Would Like Us To Believe?

Australian Dollar Notes Bundles StackTRRA had a conversation with Councillor Geoff Dingle recently about the general state of the finances at Port Stephens Council.

Council’s future strategy was outlined recently in its ‘Fit for the Future’ submission to the State Government in which it stated that it would not be increasing rates by 45% like Newcastle Council, and would stay under the State cap.

• It would rely on income from its investments in The Cabbage Tree Sand Mine, the Newcastle Airport and its Holiday Parks to fund its future needs and address its $29 mill Infrastructure and maintenance backlog that grew by another $3 mill last year alone.

• Projected returns from the Newcastle Airport in the past have been optimistic to say the least and TRRA has serious doubts about the viability of the recent investments in the Holiday Parks and their projected returns. TRRA is also aware of some serious legal challenges that Council may be facing in the near future which may have major financial consequences.

• There may be serious environmental challenges ahead for the Cabbage Tree mine and the Council’s budget. The WSRA Group (Williamtown and Surrounds Residents Action Group) are concerned about the effect on the Tomago water supply, native wildlife, traffic and noise issues and the plan to mine the sand using a dry method of filtering/extraction which may pose a serious health risk. There are many questions to be asked about the tender of this mine which will be covered in a major investigative article HERE.

Geoff has authorized us to publish this Press Release covering these issues.

Update On Tree Policy Changes

17 July 2015 Update on previous post: Reaction To Mayor’s Controversial Tree Cull Proposal

Nigel, TRRA Planning

Council’s proposed changes to its tree removal policy are on public exhibition, until 30 July.

Tree Removal 1They take the form of a draft amendment to the new Development Control Plan (DCP) DCP Chapter On Tree Management (PDF 472.49 KB) revising the section on Tree Management.  While not as extreme as the Mayor originally proposed, the changes, which will be ‘temporary’ for 12 months, are still significant.  Property owners in urban areas* will be able to remove trees on their land within 10 metres of an ‘approved structure’ without prior approval if they are judged to ‘pose a direct threat to human life or property’.  The current policy only allows removal of trees within 5 metres or ‘urgent removal on account of immediate failure’.

The amendments do at least also clarify that other legislation may prevent removal of trees of particular species or which would impact on fauna habitat, although this cautionary message may get lost if the Mayor and Councillors continue to misrepresent the effect of the change.

There is a concern in the community that the revised policy may lead to removal over the next year of many mature trees which are not dangerous, for other reasons such as view enhancement or commercial gain.

All the documents on Exhibition on the PSC website until 30 July 2015 are available HERE

We encourage you to have your say, by making a submission to: landusesubmissions@portstephens.nsw.gov.au before 30 July.

Key points you may wish to include are:

  • Proposed changes are unnecessary – the policy already allows for removal of dangerous trees, if necessary without prior approval.
  • No evidence has been provided of any problem or unmet demand.
  • Changes run the risk of ‘abuse’ by those who want to remove trees for other reasons, and of unsafe ‘do-it-yourself’ clearance.
  • If changes go through, must be better safeguards against abuse and unsafe practices.

*Note that tree removal on the vast majority of land in Port Stephens is not covered by this policy but is instead subject to the Native Vegetation Act.  Rural landowners need to ensure they comply with controls under that legislation.

Previous posts on this issue:

Reaction To Mayor’s Controversial Tree Cull Proposal

After The Storm

Concern Re Commercial Development Of Donald Street Car Parks

090421 Mock UpAs we mentioned in our last post  on Donald Street Car Park, TRRA Inc. has some history with the Council and the Donald Street East Car Park. We made extensive submissions to Council about a proposed Public Private Partnership with Coral Corp Pty. Ltd on the site in 2008-9. This process had actually started in 2003.

The whole thing came unstuck when the developer insisted on a lot of commercial retail and residential being incorporated into the development to make it viable. When calculations were done by TRRA to include the required off street CBD parking as well, the structure needed to be over 10 stories high which would not have been appropriate for this site. Then the GFC came along and the whole thing was put in the too hard basket. The mock up shows what it would have looked like from the Bowling Club.

150516 Donald St AdThe person that was handling that process at the time was none other than Carmel Foster, who was about 3 months into her job as PSC Commercial Property Manger, and we have some interesting exchanges between Ms Foster and our previous Chairman Bob Young on our files.

Imagine our surprise when one of our ever vigilant Planning  Sub Committee spied this ad in the Sydney Morning Herald. Geoff Washington  immediately contacted Council and requested that the ‘Proposals Package’ also be sent to us.

We were very interested to see if the ‘Proposals Package’ was consistent with the Nelson Bay Town Centre and Foreshore Strategy adopted by Council in April 2012 (cost to Council????millions over 5 years preparation), The GHD Traffic and car Parking Strategy 2012 ( cost to council????) and the Draft 2013/2015 Development Control Plan due to be recommended to Council for adoption on 14 July 2015.

Our suspicions were well founded, A close examination revealed that the RFP document does not refer to these key documents which set out the Strategic  Planning principles which should guide any process directed towards development concepts for the two car Parks being offered for commercial development.

This seems to be yet another example of the Properties Section operating in a silo.  The sale of these sites ought to have been subject to close consultation with the Planning Section to ensure that any proposal to be developed by the commercial sector reflects Council’s Planning objectives for Nelson Bay.  TRRA is also concerned that this prospectus refers only to the 2013 DCP and that the deadline for submissions is 19 June 2015 when the Draft revised DCP goes to council on 14 July 2015.  No mention is made of this document or of its possible implications for the proposals to be submitted.

Geoff Washington, in conjunction with other Committee members, prepared a submission to Council and also applied for public access to address Council on this matter in person. Geoff also addressed the local Business Association, many of whom were as surprised as we were about the recent call for proposals. Queries were raised as to why the advertisement was not run locally which would have alerted Port Stephens  developer and real estate interests to the opportunity.

These are the links to the relevant documentation:

150525 RFP – Commercial Development Sites – Nelson Bay

150527 Letter to Council – Expressions of Interest May 2015

150526 Public Access Presentation to PSC 26.5.15 Geoffrey Washington

We have received the following rather uninspiring reply’s

150601 PSC Acknowledgement Donald Street

 150604 PSC – Process for Inviting Proposals for Development

Glen Bunny, P.S.C. Property Services Manager: “All points raised by the Association are valid and correct should the Council be undertaking a tender process or similar whereby we were seeking final building and land use outcomes. However, by commencing an RFP process Council is simply seeking to discover business opportunities that are proposed by the market, without constraining or overly influencing any particular end use or opportunity. By doing so Council enables creative development proposals to be presented that may include ideas and activities, additional to those that have not been considered internally.” 

TRRA does not accept this attempt to justify Council’s approach. The fact remains that Council formally adopted the Nelson Bay Town Centre and Foreshore Strategy in April 2012  and will most probably adopt the revised Development Control Plan on 14 July 2015. These decisions should shape the concept plans of proposals for the two car park sites from the outset. Any creativity on the part of proponents, which TRRA welcomes, should at least be exercised with full knowledge of these overarching planning guidelines for the shape  and function of the Nelson Bay Town Centre.

TRRA Inc. is very concerned at this turn of events because a pattern of failure seems to be emerging from this process, and maybe the process is the problem. The first example was the last time this process was used for the site, the documentation then and our concerns are uncannily similar. Then there was the debacle with Nathan Tinkler with the sale of the land around the Shopping Center.  We expressed concern the at the loose requirements placed on the proponent with that one as well. Then there was the Tender Process for the sale of Samurai Holiday Resort, two more attempts, two more abject failures.

In our humble opinion, being straight, right up front  with developers about what your community wants and what the rules and requirements are to get there could save a lot of time and unreal expectations on both sides. If this process is not working, maybe it is time to change it, or is it us that have the unreal expectations? 

A Double Whammy For Nelson Bay CBD

Reaction To Mayor’s Controversial Tree Cull Proposal


Our Port Stephens Mayor Bruce Mackenzie has once again ventured where angels fear to tread and proposed a radical new Dangerous Tree policy and called for a 12 month moratorium on the current Tree Protection Orders.


Nigel Waters made a presentation to the Council Meeting 26 May 2015 which can be accessed HERE

Click on the links below to get the reaction from the community.

The last link below is the current position and the policy still has to be amended and adopted at the June 09 Council Meeting.

It is important to note that the moratorium:

  • Is not in effect until the relevant Port Stephens Development Control Plan is amended and adopted – which will be considered at Council’s meeting of 9 June 2015
  • Will not override the provisions of other key legislation and controls relating to vegetation protection and management, including legislation related to threatened species and native vegetation protection and heritage conservation.  Landholders are encouraged to contact Council for further information.

Port Stephens Council  26 May 2015 – Mayoral Minute – Dangerous Trees

EcoNetwork Statement 11 May 2011 – This Mayoral Minute Is An Abuse Of Power

Councillor Paul LeMottee 15 May 2015: Media release – Dangerous Trees

Examiner 12 May 2015: Tree Proposal Splits Meeting

Examiner 19 May 2015: Tree Cull Push Returns

Email From Margaret Wilkinson 11 May 2015 – To Port Stephens Councillors

Newcastle Herald 05 May 2015: Opinion: Newcastle Still Needs Trees 

Port Stephens Council: 13 March 2012 – Current Tree Protection Order

Port Stephens Council – 03 June 2015: Update: Dangerous Tree Removal Statement May 2015

Dungog 14

Previous Story: After The Storm

Late Development – After Printing a story “Free To Fell Hazard Trees” In this weeks paper The Examiner Pulled the story from the website and replaced it with this:

Correction From Examiner 04 June 2015: Loppers Told To Wait Before Felling Trees

Has The High Court Killed ICAC?



Opinion: Dick Appleby

Canneen 2As a person who has taken a keen interest in the ICAC proceedings throughout 2014 – 15, attended one of the public hearings in Sydney, taken the time to read a lot of the transcripts and exhibits and even made the odd submission, I am truly sickened and disgusted by the recent High Court Decision which it seems will have far reaching consequences for past and future Inquiries of the Commission.


The High Court of Australia in CanberraThe Commission, whilst not able to prosecute in its own right, and not bound by some of the constraints on the level of evidence required in conventional court cases, had the powers required and was extremely successful in rooting out corruption and exposing it to a stunned public.


icac-inquiry-into-mcgurks-death-after-nsw-dataIt has obviously been a victim of its own success. Watching rich businessmen and politicians looking very uncomfortable having to face direct questioning in public, not being able to hide as usual behind their very expensive briefs, (that ordinary people cannot afford), was very heartening. The Commission has been accused of acting like a Star Chamber , maybe it did to a degree, but it is now obvious that it was more effective than anything else that has been tried in the past.


BaumanIt was just too good, the first thing the Cunneen case did was put everything on hold until the NSW election was over, that was convenient! Now the High Court has taken a very narrow view on a technical legal interpretation of what the definition of corruption actually means. That has overturned the whole  premise that the Commission has been operating under since it was established by Nick Griener in 1988.


ObeadThis has created a lawyers picnic, allowing anybody named in past operations and some ongoing ones to challenge those decisions in court, (if they can afford it), and guess what, most of them can!! This could be remedied immediately by a few small changes in the legislation to reinstate this power to the Commission retrospectively by our politicians. Was it not doing what was intended or was there a small legal glitch in the legislation that nobody knew was there for 27 years? Over to you Mr Baird and Mr Foley……… but being a bit of a cynic I am not holding my breath!

From The Sydney Morning Herald:
Sydney Morning Herald 23 April 2015: ICAC Findings Overturned
From The AFR Weekend
AFR 23 April 2015: ICAC Drops Corruption Case
From Newcastle Herald

Newcastle Herald May 05 2015: Baird’s Plan To Bolster ICAC’s Past Findings

Newcastle Herald May 06 2015:Bipartisan Support For ICAC ‘Validation Bill’

Newcastle Herald 07 May: Kate Washington Thanks ICAC in Maiden Speech

ABC The Drum 8 May 2015: Good On Mike Baird For Cleaning Up The ICAC Mess

Newcastle Heard 09 May 2015: Ex MPs To Face Supreme Court

Lewis Cartoon













No – Shows Disappoint ‘Meet The Candidates’ Forum

The people came, but half the candidates did not bother………………

TRRA had a packed house, standing room only at the ‘Meet the Candidates’ meeting held in the ‘Crows Nest room’  last night at Nelson Bay Bowling Club.  Despite the negative headline in last week’s (03 March 2014) Examiner: Liberal Man Won’t Be At TRRA Forum over 100 concerned constituents turned out to listen to and question the other candidates.

Forum 1


This, We Can Understand !


A very informative presentation was given by Nigel Waters explaining the Optional Preferential system for the Lower House and the Optional Preferential Proportional system for the Upper House. PDF Available HERE.  Be aware before you vote how to control your preferences in this complex preferential system.


The Forum:          Full Presentation in PDF (1.1MB) Available:  HERE

A lot of disappointment was expressed at the no – shows Ken Jordan (Lib) Peter Arena CDP, neither of whom provided a convincing reason for their absence.  Rochelle Flood (Greens) and Kate Washington (labor) introduced themselves and outlined their vision and priorities for Port Stephens and its residents if they are elected.

Forum 3They covered the two fixed questions:

If you are elected to represent Port Stephens you may find that your plans and dreams for this area will have to compete, not only with the developer/conservation demands, but more so with your own party’s priorities.

Question 1: How do you propose to compete for major spending proposals for this area and how will you keep our community informed of progress.

In light of the recent Queensland election backlash where one of the election issues was the sale of power infrastructure and the current NSW Government has the sale of power infrastructure as an election proposal.

Question 2: What is your position on the proposed sale of power infrastructure and, if elected, will you support the sale?

The moderator put the written Questions received from the Community Covering:

  • Future funding of Yacaaba Centre, Schizophrenia Research Institute etc.
  • Future of Tomaree Lodge and Stockton Centre and what will happen to the sites if sold off.
  • Sand Mining – Impact on roads and communities
  • Campaign funding and preferencing
  • Planning reform, community consultation, PAC
  • Candidate Integrity – Honesty – Transparency and accountability
  • Mobile – TV  reception. Internet accessibility etc.
  • Support for 355c Committee initiative on fitness and obesity facillities
  • Equality – the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Forum 2

Edited Questions Received from Secretary

Questions were then taken from the floor

The candidates were given the opportunity to have a right of reply and when the Forum closed at 9:30pm and made themselves available for one on ones with the community.

It was a successful evening even without the no-shows. The candidates received plenty of acclamation and the bucket was fairly heavy by the end of the night, thank you all for your support, and thank you to the people that took the trouble to submit questions.

This Statement: was read out at the start of the meeting

  • Story about Forum ran in Examiner 27 Jan.
  • Formal letters of invitation to all candidates nominated were sent 01 Feb.
  • CDP Candidate when he nominated, agreed to attend on phone.
  • No reply from Liberal candidate, when contacted by phone 19 Feb said he had not received invitation, we checked, he actually did.
  • Liberal Candidate then said he had made another commitment on 09 Feb to go to monthly meeting Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens Progress Assn.
  • TRRA contacted President/Sec Trevor Jennings and he agreed to move his meeting to 16 March to solve the problem.
  • TRRA advised Liberal Party Campaign Manager and candidate but have received no reply to emails sent since 20 Feb.
  • The other dates offered, 25 – 26 March were deliberately unhelpful. (postal Voting etc. closed)
  • We have been running successful forums since 2008, the advertising for this forum has cost our members over $500.00 (gold coin in the bucket please!)

 Comment and Followup 

  • We feel that ‘no shows’ disrespect us as constituents, and the other candidates, who have given their time to attend tonight to discuss and debate our issues.
  • If these candidates are ignoring us now, before they are elected, what will they do if they are elected?
  • We checked today, and the Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens Progress Assn. did move their normal monthly meeting back to 09 March. They normally get a roll up of 20, but 16 turned up on the night. Ken Jordan attended and after 30 min of normal business concluded, briefly addressed the gathering. He left 15 minutes later. TRRA would like to formally apologize to the association for any inconvenience we may have caused by them switching dates to accommodate us, and having to reverse that decision. 

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