Community Vision for the Future of Tomaree Headland, Shoal Bay, Port Stephens

TRRA Inc has been working with a consortium of community, business and environmental groups, “ Friends of Tomaree Headland”  to develop a prospectus for the future of this iconic site once its current use comes to an end in 2020. A copy of the prospectus and a covering Press Release Follow.

In reacting to the Friends’ prospectus, the member for Port Stephens Kate Washington and the Liberal candidate for Port Stephens Jaimie Abbott both announced on 4 February commitments to retain the site of Tomaree Lodge in public ownership and to consult with the community on its future use.

For details of the Community Vision for the Future of Tomaree Headland, Shoal Bay, Port Stephens – Click Here

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6 Responses to Community Vision for the Future of Tomaree Headland, Shoal Bay, Port Stephens

  1. Marilyn Williams says:

    Agree. The buildings are not what they were. Restore to nature.

    • george allen says:

      Absolutely Marilyn it will cost many hundreds of thousands to repair and maintain those 70 year old building and all the associated infrastructure, knock them down plant trees restore to nature and have the headland looking like it was before the war, we could have a pathway for walkers and possibly information posts which when press give a talk about the history of the headland. To preserve the history of the buildings as some wish to do a state of the are 3D fild cold be made of the site and shown in the inner light museum as a record of the war years then the site could be bulldozed and brought back to nature.

  2. george allen says:

    I completely disagree with the “Friends of Tomaree” proposed vision of the future for the Tomaree Headland. The war had to destroy this unspoilt headland now we have an opportunity to bring it back to how it once was. All the buildings should be removed and trees planted to increase the biodiversity to encourage koalas possums bandicoots and all other local wildlife. A path or cycle track could be made so visitors could see a pristine headland once more, this is what attracts visitors, we have plenty of retail and boutiques in Shoal bay and Nelson bay we do not need more. We have a WW2 museum at the inner lighthouse we don’t need more. The war is over why keep promoting it we need to promote more trees and nature in this warming world. If we need more car parks for the peak holiday times then why not extend the Zenith beach loop road, this car park is out of sight. We do not need to promote more tourism as we have plenty, currently, life becomes uncomfortable when the area is full of tourist at peak times. many will not wish to have to pay more rates to develop this Retail and Boutique site.

    • John McInerney says:

      I agree with George Allen. Remove the buildings. However, leave the military installations and provide interpretive signage. The area would then become a peaceful retreat for locals and visitors.

      • george allen says:

        Thanks John for your support you are so right when you say it could become a peaceful retreat (no cars, no 4wd’s no noise pollution) but yes leave the military installations with possibly an information post explaining the history, let the headland go back mainly to nature its time we did more of that.

  3. Jean Armstrong says:

    This is fantastic News. I am so appreciative that this initiative has been taken and would like to lend my support to your objectives.

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