IPART Submission on Special Rate Variation

Preparatory to submitting its case to IPART (The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal) for consideration of its Special Rates Variation (SRV), Council is required to put its final submission up for public exhibition and comment.

TRRA will be putting its case to IPART and ratepayers and residents are encouraged to do likewise.  

The IPART link is https://www.ipart.nsw.gov.au/Home/Industries/Local-Government/Reviews/Special-Variations-Minimum-Rates/Special-Variations-Minimum-Rates-2019-20

Select the tab “COUNCILS & APPLICATIONS “ to find the  Port Stephens Council proposal and then back to the previous page to ‘Have Your Say” on the SRV.

Your submission must be lodged by 11 March.

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  1. Margaret Wilkinson says:

    And if your submission is likely to go over 2000 words, than make allowance to post it to them! Excellent points highlighted by Cr Giacomo Arnott on his Facebook page. This is not just about “I can’t afford it”, Council needs to meet several criteria including community consultation. With major changes made to projects between July and November, the consultation on the revised projects was not up to scratch and came far too close to Christmas break (Deadline: 20th December!)

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