TRRA Inc. Submission on Nelson Bay Public Domain Plan Exhibition Documents

TRRA is very pleased to note that the Nelson Bay Public Domain Plan Exhibition Draft recognises the need to protect the existing character of Nelson Bay Town Centre and embraces the key planning principles of the 2012 Strategy which was adopted by Council at that time.

Highly relevant statements in the introductory sections of the Exhibition Draft include:

  • Page 6 – The Vision characterises Nelson Bay as “a Town by the Bay”
  • Page 9 – ‘…natural bushland and hilly topography, which provides a dramatic backdrop to picturesque local views
  • Page 11 – Reference is made to “The Existing Scenic Value” and the importance of the view corridors to the Bay and towards the “forested hills of Tomaree National Park to the south.“
  • Page 13 – The opportunity to ‘enhance and enliven the existing local charm and place character’, including ‘enhancing the village character…’

TRRA Inc. cautions that the value of the proposed public domain works would be completely undermined by a reckless pursuit of high-rise developments in the town centre.

For the full summary – Click Here

The President Geoff Washington ( has a hard copy of the documents if anyone wants access.


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