Anna Bay ‘Pulse’ Tourist & Entertainment facility

A development application (DA) has been lodged for a major ($18 million) tourist facility to be known as “The Pulse at Anna Bay”.  As reported in the Examiner (3 October) and confirmed in the DA on exhibition at Tomaree Library, the proposal is for a three story building on the north side of Gan Gan Rd adjacent to the existing shopping precinct. It will include two restaurants, a bistro/bar and a coffee shop, other retail outlets, three ‘interactive’ entertainment theatres (but no gaming), two multi-purpose (meeting) rooms, and 84 car parking spaces (mostly in the basement). The developer has been actively involved in explaining the proposal to residents with an open day being held recently to explain the details. They also have a web site that provides artist impressions of the final Complex. See

TRRA has made a submission HERE welcoming the prospect of additional all weather facilities which will benefit locals and visitors alike, subject to appropriate conditions.  The main development is on commercially zoned land and is broadly consistent with the Anna Bay Strategy, including height limits.  A complementary surface car park (58 spaces) is proposed for residentially zoned land opposite James Paterson Drive.

TRRA’s main concern is a generic one about ensuring that major developments which start and then run into commercial difficulties do not remain as long term building site ‘eyesores’ – we already have too many of these on the peninsula.  We have suggested a substantial bond be required to ensure that landscaping is completed, and to cover the cost of any temporary site remediation that may be required.  We have also suggested that additional assurances may be required about drainage and its potential environmental effects.

Because the capital investment is less than $20 million, this DA will be both assessed and decided by Port Stephens Council, not by the independent Regional Planning Panel.

Prepared by Nigel, John and Colin, TRRA Inc. Planning Committee

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