Maccas Sand PAC Hearing Notice

WILLIAMTOWN residents will make a last-ditch attempt to stop an access way to a sand mine in their area and bring an end to a seven-year saga.

At least six residents will speak before the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC), an independent body that will decide whether the route will go ahead.

The Commission meeting is scheduled to commence at 4:00pm on Thursday, 19 September 2013 at the Pacific Dunes Golf Club, Championship Drive, Medowie. The meeting is open to the public to observe the proceedings.

Our TRRA Submission HERE and a further representation to the Minister: HERE, has virtually been ignored by all authorities, we believe that traffic flow has been calculated on a flawed study  HERE of traffic movements that we have drawn to the attention of the Minister.  That study is still based on only 25% of the approved EPA licence extraction for the two Mackas Sand Pty Ltd sites, with truck movements from both sites having an impact on the Salt Ash roundabout.

TRRA representatives will be attending this hearing and strongly recommend that any concerned residents attend as well.  This issue affects everyone that travels to or from Newcastle from our area.

Notice Of PAC Hearing HERE

Report for PAC Assessment: HERE

Examiner Article 27 Aug 2013: HERE

Newcastle Herald article 8 Sept 2013: HERE

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