Shoal Bay – Foreshore Revitalization

Update From Newcastle Herald 20 Dec 2013 HERE

Posted Sept 20 2013

The revitalization of the Shoal Bay waterfront promised by Port Stephens Council Mayor Bruce McKenzie is certainly well under way.

The old  unsafe wharf has been demolished, the new one is under construction.

The Boat ramp and associated car park has been completed.

The road to Tomaree headland and the Lodge has been widened and resealed and the area landscaped and amenities provided.

It certainly has been a long overdue transformation and will go a long way towards realising the potential of this beautiful area for residents and visitors alike.

Just how all this will be paid for is still unclear to TRRA and is still of some concern to us.

However to give full credit where it is due, the work done several years ago on the Nelson Bay Foreshore and now this effort at Shoal Bay has made an enormous difference and we can all be proud of the result.

Full marks to the local Shoal Bay Community group that lobbied hard for this and also to the Council for getting it done.

Newcastle Herald Article 20 Sep 2013 HERE

Video of First Pile Driven: HERE

The Old Unsafe Wharf

New Wharf Under Construction





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