Meet The Candidates Forum 2021 – Candidates’ 3 Questions.


Question 1 – Height Limits

What is your position on enforcing strict height limits on new buildings and particularly in places like Nelson Bay to ensure they do not breach the tree line on the surrounding hills and ridges, when viewed from the foreshore?

What are your views on Shoal Bay and Salamander/Soldiers Point future character. Do you favour more high rise in these areas ?

Question 2 – Transparency, Access and Accountability

Transparency and access are seen as a major issue with many ratepayers and residents. Providing easy access to DAs and allowing a sufficient exhibition period, transparency in decision-making and budgeting, the ability for matters to be brought before Council and the accountability of councillors for their voting decisions have all been eroded over recent years.

Do you agree with these assertions and if so, how do you propose to rectify these issues?

Question 3 – Tomaree Gateway

How do you feel about the attractiveness or otherwise of the ‘Gateway’ into the Tomaree from the Airport? What do you think are the issues (if any) and if you see there is a problem, would you support a strategy, budget and project to rectify the problems and how would you approach it?

For information, this is a link to the April 2020 TRRA submission on this issue in the form of a proposed project brief/terms of reference:

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