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Tomaree Ratepayers And Residents Association is an Incorporated Community Group based in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens on the Tomaree Peninsula, NSW, Australia.  More Info HERE.      Subscribe in the  Sidebar on the right with your email address to be notified of all major posts.



Attention Nelson Bay Community!!

TRRA  Needs Your Support in the Public Gallery at the Port Stephens Council Meeting 5:30pm 12 December 2017 Raymond Terrace Council Chambers. Be There!

December 2017 Special Newsletter – Building Heights

Details of proposal to Double the Height Limit throughout the entire Town Centre!


Battle lines drawn – the height war the Nelson Bay community must win.

Posted 08 Dec 2017

Click Here for How High? – High Rise In Nelson Bay Page!  

TRRA Meetings:

The Last TRRA  Meeting was the Annual General meeting held 7:00 pm, Tuesday 17 October 2017 Nelson Bay Bowling Club , Agenda: HEREMinutes  HERE
Our Meet The Candidates Forum – 15 Aug 2017 attracted 240 People!

Our most successful forum ever!

 AGM 17 October 2017

***We invited new Mayor Ryan Palmer to be our Guest Speaker! East ward Councillors are also attended………***

All AGM Information, is available in the Meeting Notice HERE

 All TRRA General Meeting dates for 2017  HERE

Click Here for The TRRA Council Election Page !
New Look Council, but old culture survives….

Posted 03 Oct 2017

The new Mayor and Councillors have made a disappointing start, at their first meeting

Meet Your New PS Council

Final Results of Poll now available

Posted 16 Sept 2017

Port Stephens Mayor: Ryan Palmer clinches 2017 Council Elections

Congratulations to Ryan’s Team – More to come when results finalised




Questionnaire to PS Election Candidates

Posted 05 Sept 2017

Also: Contentious and derogatory material that is being distributed across the LGA

‘Meet The Candidates’ – The Video!

Posted 31 Aug 2017

Video recording of Meet The candidates Forum 15 Aug 2017

 Fresh Ideas on offer for Council

Posted 18 Aug 2017

A full house of more than 240 people hard from 7 candidates……………. 

 Long term planning vision and environmental provision is what’s needed in Port Stephens | TRRA OPINION

Posted 15 Aug 2017

Nigel Waters is on the planning assessment sub-committee of the Tomaree Ratepayers and Residents Association. 

** Opinion – State’s neglect of peninsular getting old**

Posted 30 July 2017

This is a Must Read!  Phillip O’Neill is professor of economic geography at Western Sydney University.

Click Here for the Amalgamations/Merger Page!

Mambo Fight Continues  – 01 Oct Protest at Site

What You Can Do – Key Points for Submissions

Mambo Update: 300 people turn out on Grand Final Weekend!

Sunday, 1st October on the corner of Port Stephens Drive and Foreshore Drive at 11.00am.

Lawyers Picnic at Lagoons Estate 2017

Posted 19 Sept 2017

The longer this goes on the more expensive it gets

Recent Council approval of ‘Flood Mound Developments

Posted 20 Aug 2017

Against Council Staff Recommendations

25 July 2017: Monster final Port Stephens Council Panned

Ngioka Centre, can it survive?

Posted 14 June 2017 – Updated 28 June 2017

Port Stephens Council will reconsider its financial support of horticultural services at the Ngioka Centre, Little Beach.

A High-rise Nelson Bay? The story so far.

Posted 05 June 2017 – Full update on Implications of Council Decision

Breaking News!!  Dungog Council Meltdown

Check out What the Papers are saying  and the Dungog Council Press Release

on the Council Amalgamation Page

Thou Shalt not ‘impute’

Posted 25 May 2017

Journalist Joanne McCarthy has finally made public in today’s Newcastle Herald, 24 May 2017, some of what we were aware has been going on behind the scenes at Port Stephens Council for some time.

Recent TRRA Press Releases

Community Expectations high for a new era in Port Stephens

Posted 15 Sept 2017

 Fresh Ideas on offer for Council

Posted 18 Aug 2017

A full house of more than 240 people hard from 7 candidates……………. 

 09 May 2017: The battle to maintain Nelson Bay’s Character just got more difficult

“Port Stephens Council decided last night to approve a 32 metre apartment tower at 11-13 Church St, Nelson Bay – twice the current height limit.”

01 May 2017: Extraordinary Dungog Council Meeting Re Merger Proposal from PS Council

‘We wouldn’t wish our Council on our worst enemies – let alone our friends here in Dungog.’

Examiner 15 May 2017 Letters to The Editor: Worse Councils to complain about

28 April 2017: Council decision on Nelson Bay high rise pre-empts community input

“TRRA have supported this review, how can Councillors ask for submissions from the community for a review then pre-empt its findings with this approval?”

26 April 2017: TRRA Letter to East ward Councillors

 10 April 2017 – PS Council Staff recommend Councillors Jump the gun on DA for Church Street Apartments

“Council’s Planners have recommended that a DA for an 8-storey block, rising 29- 32 metres, be approved for 11-13 Church Street, Nelson Bay.”

Dysfunction highlighted at PS Council Meeting 28 March 2017

Posted 02 April 2017

Soldiers Point Marina Extension Update

Soldiers Point Community Group

Public Hearing – 12:00 noon Monday 03 April 2017, Soldiers Point Hall 



22 Sept 2017: Macka wins the Golden Ernie

02 June 2017: Dungog Council expected to hold extraordinary meeting on poll questions

01 June 2017: Michael Johnsen MP reassures Dungog Council staff 

02 June 2017: Press Release – Dungog Council – Irresponsible Resignations

Meltdown at Dungog Council…….

02 June 2017: Dungog mayor and three councillors walk out, calls for state government to act after day of chaos

01 June 2017: Dungog general manager Craig Deasey and councillor Neville Bale have resigned

16 May 2017: Dungog says no, again, to a merger with Port Stephens  More HERE

11 May 2017: Developer Rod Salmon ready to build apartments on stalled Donald Street ‘holes’ 

28 April 2017: Mayor Bruce Mackenzie’s Salt Ash BMX track plan has ended with a deadline

17 April 2017: Church Street apartments on hold in Nelson Bay after rescission motion 

12 April 2017: Ascent apartments amended for Church Street site but Urban Design Consultative Group still not happy 

08 April 2017: Port Stephens mayor Bruce MacKenzie’s family company has pleaded not guilty to waste dumping 

05 Apr 2017: Port Stephens councillor Geoff Dingle questions code of conduct case

29 Mar 1017: ‘Enough already’ with code of conduct

17 Mar 2017: Port Stephens’ controversial Gardenland composting project is approved – but with strings attached 

17 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council agrees to $6m loan for Yacaaba Street extension – (Webmaster: We are in ‘Election Mode” already………!)

17 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council rejects umpire’s decision on code of conduct case 

14 Feb 2017: Calls for an apology after case review

11 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council sees monsters in the dark 

01 Feb 2017: Eagleton Rock Syndicate revives plans for hard rock quarry within Grahamstown Dam drinking water catchment

18 Nov 2016 – Editorial: Premier Mike Baird’s changes to ICAC are a bad look for this government   More HERE


TRRA Newsletters

Sept/Oct 2017 TRRA Newsletter – AGM Notice

Newsletter For AGM

July /August 2017 TRRA Newsletter & DA Watch

Posted 14 June 2017

May/June Newsletter – General Meeting Notice

Posted 14 june 2017 – News DA Watch Etc.

March/April 2017 TRRA Newsletter General Meeting Notice

Posted 26 March 2017

February 2017 Newsletter – DA Watch

** Read this! – Very Important for Tomaree Ratepayers **

November 2016 TRRA Inc. Newsletter

Posted 27 Nov 2016

Latest Update before Xmas, Includes Letter to Government re: Council Merger timetable

  Whats The PlanDA Watch September 2016

Updates Include: Shoal Bay: Height Limits; Catalina Motel , Nelson Bay: Car Parks re-development, Corlette: New shops and services at Salamander Centre, Port Stephens: Pathways Plan.

TRRA Joins Nelson Bay Lobby Group

The purpose of NBN is to create a partnership of organisations and individuals working towards a better future for Nelson Bay Town Centre and its foreshore.  Its key objective is to create a united voice and cohesive advocacy group to represent the interests of businesses and the community of Nelson Bay.

Examiner August 30 2016: Nelson Bay NOW formed to liaise with Port Stephens Council 


TRRA is proud to be associated with this initiative. More Information HERE  This meeting was a great success with over 500 people attending: – News of The Area 11 May 2017:  Mental Illness Forum draws much community support   –   Lifting the lid on Mental Illness

N.S.W. Independent Commission Against Corruption

Bribe_20151009121118ICAC Report – Operation Spicer Report Released 30 Aug 2016 *

Long Awaited Report Finally released – Even More ICAC Stories: HERE

Media Stories Updated to 24 November 2016

CaptureICAC Still Under Threat

Posted 12 December 2015 (Updated 30 August 2016) Report Now Tabled

Opinion: Could a pair of fake breasts have triggered a saga that changes forever the powers of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption?

McCloyMcCloy High Court Challenge Fails

Posted October 09 2015

Q: When will we ever see the full ICAC report?

A: When big developers run out of Lawyer Money……

Mambo Wetlands

0 KoalaOctober 2016: Update on Mambo Wetlands Issue – ‘Come And Walk the Mambo Wetlands

Posted 12 May 2016 – Updated to 04 Sept 2017

Sold off ‘by mistake’

 Mambo Land SaleSave Mambo Wetlands’ Community Forum 

 5:45 PM Thursday 26 May – Horizons Golf course

Posted 12 May 2016 – Updated 01 June 2016

Mambo 4Are The Mambo Wetlands Under Threat?

Posted 12 May 2016 –Updated 01 June 2016

Big slice of Mambo Wetlands On Sale 09 June

Lagoons Estate

Lawyers1Lawyers Picnic at Lagoons Estate

12 Years of litigation, and the only winners are the lawyers!

Posted 12 April 2016 (Updated to 20 May 2016)

Money-down-drain 1Ratepayers Millions down The Drain?

Posted 19 June 2015 (Updated to 5 April 2016) More Soon!

Lagoons Estate – Court Battles With PSC

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