Last chance to influence high rise decision

Site crane being removed today February 24. What this means for the site is not known.

The DA for the 11 storey apartment building at Church St Nelson Bay will be up for decision by Council at its meeting on 28 February. The applicant has refused to comply with the height limit, as requested by Councillors in September.

We have outlined our position HERE and asked Councillors to refuse the DA.

If you agree with our position, please contact one or more of the Councillors before Tuesday afternoon.

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5 Responses to Last chance to influence high rise decision

  1. Brooke Holdsworth says:

    The ‘Tomaree Voice’ of the Tomaree ratepayers and residents has spoken loud and clear.
    129 submissions of support and 26 objections. Ie. 5 : 1 in favour of the amended design.
    The TRRA’s ‘briefing to Councillors’ recognises the proposal as a ‘well-designed apartment building, which has many attractive features and public benefits’.
    Trust our local Councillors are listening to the community and vote to approve this quality development, which will start to address the housing crisis and provide a much needed boost of investment into the local economy and income for Council itself.

  2. Elspeth Armstrong says:

    Re: Port Stephens Council Meeting, 28 February 2023 – Council
    Reports Item 2
    DA 2021-703, Residential Flat Building, 11-15 Church St,
    Nelson Bay

    It is a sad state of affairs when developers feel they can dictate to Council – it should be the other way around.

  3. Andrew Hung says:

    Dear Councillor,
    I oppose the approval of the development on Church St, Nelson Bay.
    It is not consistent with the council’s own height restrictions, and sets a precedent for future developments. Any councillor voting for this approval will face a significant voter backlash.

  4. George Allen says:

    Most people in Nelson Bay (including myself and all my family and friends) and surrounding area do not wish to see high rise buildings in the town spoiling the look and feel and giving it a Gold coast look which is abhorrent to most locals, so please listen to the public and stop this contamination of the skyline.

  5. Aine ODoherty says:

    I wish to advise the Councillors before the Tuesday decision that as a resident of Nelson Bay I DO NOT agree with height restrictions not been implemented by ALL developers, the community has already made it clear that they want height restrictions in Port Stephens adhered to. Please do NOT allow this to happen.

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