Salt Ash Sandmine expansion threatens groundwater and road safety

An example of sand mining.

A proposal to ‘wet-mine’ an existing sand mine at Salt Ash by dredging up to 30 metres below the water table is on exhibition until 2 March.

Hunter Water and other authorities have serious concerns about the impact of this untested extraction method on the groundwater, which supplies much of our drinking water.

TRRA also has major concerns about the more than doubling of heavy truck movements.

We set out our concerns HERE.  If you share these concerns, please follow the advice on how to make a submission, before next Wednesday.

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2 Responses to Salt Ash Sandmine expansion threatens groundwater and road safety

  1. Jackie Hammond says:

    Same common sense should prevail. Listen to the experts , we need to follow the the experts advice specially today.

  2. Gill WHITTON says:

    This application, if approved could be a serious affect on the groundwater.There is already a ground water from the nearby airforce base and another disturbance will upset the environment

    The concern regarding traffic is a reality

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