Objection – DA 16-2021-387-1 – 4136 Nelson Bay Rd, Anna Bay – Proposed Aircraft facility

TRRA objects to this proposal on a number of grounds, particularly the noise impact on
the adjacent cemetery, residences and wildlife and because the zoning of the land does
not permit this scale of helicopter activity.


Full Submission – Click here

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6 Responses to Objection – DA 16-2021-387-1 – 4136 Nelson Bay Rd, Anna Bay – Proposed Aircraft facility

  1. Chris mitchell says:

    I object to the helipad

  2. Anne Tolhurst says:

    I object to the Helicopter Base being proposed for Anna Bay. This proposal does not take into consideration the effect on the local community. How can a service be conducted at the Cemetery with helicopters landing and taking off? the noise pollution alone would put a stop to services each time one approached and landed and then took off. To even contemplate this proposal based on this alone is astounding.

  3. Sharon Smart says:

    I object to the heliport development at Anna Bay. It is inappropriate to put it near the cemetery.

  4. Pat Pavlich says:

    The scale of proposed helicopter activities would also produce unacceptable levels of toxic fumes due to burnt avtur fuel, particularly when the helicopters are sitting running on the ground (which will be a lot of the time). During westerly winds these toxic fumes will be blown towards the township. There is also a significant increase in the risk of accidents due to amount of proposed aircraft movements.

  5. Julie Gunther says:

    I am writing to object to the DA for the proposed Aircraft Facility. Word escape me as to what reasonable persons would request this be built next to a Cemetery. I am sure when I have my grave side service the loud humming of the rotors would be soothing in a time of grief and if you could even hear the service.
    Not to mention for family visiting loved ones for a quiet moment of reflection and to mourn their loved ones in peace .
    I find the fact that I even have to object disturbing. That the lack of thought and compassion has not even been considered.
    I am sure you could find a more appropriate place for a Helicopter Base .
    Would you want to visit your family or have a service with helicopters landing and taking off ??

  6. Colleen Byrne says:

    They can’t be serious! A Hellipad right there beside the Cemetery is totally insensitive and disrespectful
    Surely there are plenty of other places this could be built within the Port Stephens LGA.
    The Cemetery should be left as it is. Peaceful!

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