The NBN Is In Nelson Bay!


Interesting treatment of the same story from the gullible,  that just reprinted the Ministerial Press Release,

To those that have the lived experience. Watch the video, read the comments under the story in the Herald!

Examiner 01 June 2016: Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield gives Nelson Bay NBN Co update

Newcastle Herald 31 May 2016: Federal election 2016: Communications Minister Mitch Fifield backs NBN model during visit to Paterson electorate | poll, video

Newcastle Herald 01 June 2016: Federal Election 2016: Labor regional communications spokesman Stephen Jones hints of scrapping fibre to node with talk of a “better” NBN 

NBN 2Our Previous Coverage is Here The NBN is coming, but what are we getting?

TRRA urges our members to do your homework properly on this before you sign up to any long term contracts, check the newspaper story links in this article and if you have time to burn, read about the Newcastle experience click HERE. and type in ‘NBN in Newcastle.’ they had to break it up into five parts and it is still red hot 5 months later.  

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