TRRA Inc. 2015 State Election Candidate Forum

TRRA Inc. Present: 2015 NSW State Election – ‘Meet the Candidates’ Forum

Nelson Bay Bowling Club – 7:00 pm 09 March 2015


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Don't Be One Of These !

Don’t Be One Of These !

As we have done consistently at all Local and State Government elections since our inception in 2008, TRRA Inc. has invited candidates to take part in a public forum with a view of bringing them and their constituents together for a robust discussion in a properly controlled environment.

Invitation To Candidates

TRRA Inc. has been watching the press coverage late last year of the revelations of corruption on both sides of NSW State politics at public hearings of the ICAC (Independent Commission against Corruption) with increasing concern. Somehow the conclusion of this exercise has been delayed until after the State election on 28 March 2015 which may suit some, but it has not gone away.

The allegations against Ministers in the Labour Government involved Coal leases in the Hunter and irregularities in the election of the member for Newcastle. The allegations are even closer to home with 10 members from the Central Coast and Hunter and a Premier all involved in alleged illegal donations from Hunter developers including the Lord Mayor of Newcastle. Local construction company Buildev and its high profile owner Nathan Tinkler featured. Even our own local member ended up on the crossbenches and was forced to resign from his party.

This state of affairs takes us into corruption issues which make discussion on this election a lot more than just the usual old Liberal/Labor divide.  The influence of major developers and their donations on vitally important decisions being made about the future of our nearest city Newcastle, its public transport and development, and our own built environment put our responsibility as voters to be properly informed in our choices very high indeed.

Your opportunity as constituents to ask the candidates for our State Seat relevant questions about these and other emerging state issues will be available at the TRRA Inc. ‘Meet the Candidates Forum’ on March 09.  

This forum open to the general public, come along and ‘Have Your Say’ 

This, We Can Understand !

This, We Can Understand !

Examiner Jan 27 2015: Chance To Quiz State Election Candidates

‘Meet The Candidates Flyer’ If You can print this off and distribute it for us we would appreciate it.

 Press Release – ‘Meet The Candidates’ – General.pdf

Press Release – ‘Meet The Candidates’ –  Format.pdf

Press Release – ‘Meet The Candidates’ – This Story.pdf


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