TRRA To Incorporate

TRRA Legal Officer Darryl Goode reports:

That for sound legal reasons TRRA should become an incorporated body.  This would protect the Management Committee as individuals and the association from any legal action, particularly if we open the website up for comments as has been proposed.

This course of action was endorsed at the February General Meeting and Geoff Washington was appointed as the appropriate Public Officer.

This will require the organisation to go through a process including an application for Reservation of the Name of Tomaree Ratepayers & Residents Association Inc. and to sign and lodge such other forms with the Department of Fair Trading as may be required to register Tomaree Ratepayers & Residents Association as an Incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporation’s Act 2009 (Section 6).

The Constitution will need to be amended to comply with requirements and all this will need to be endorsed by the Membership at a special General Meeting, date to be advised when everything is in place as soon as possible.

Darryl Goode

TRRA Legal Officer

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