1 Yaccaba Site for sale

1 Yaccaba Street site up for sale. For details – Click Here

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2 Responses to 1 Yaccaba Site for sale

  1. John Ballantyne says:

    We should acknowledge, I suppose, that the current economic constraints affecting the development and construction industry should be given some credit for this terrible blight on the beauty of Nelson Bay being stymied, for now at least. There are those among us who may even say that there was a higher authority at work, but I give a great deal of credit to the awareness created by the dedication of the many resident action groups who have managed to hold this and other such dubious projects at bay, not the least being the TRRA. (By the way, does anybody want to buy a crane?)

  2. Nigel Dique says:

    What is going on here? Was the original DA approval sought as part of a value-add strategy with no intention to build? Is this not gaming the system? Council needs to wisen up.

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