Council votes to allow 8 and 12 storey buldings in Nelson Bay CBD

Press Release

Amendments to the LEP and DCP adopted by Port Stephens Council at its meeting on 13 October will clear the way for 8 and 12 story buildings in parts of the Nelson Bay CBD. Two of our three East Ward councillors, John Nell and Jaimie Abbott voted against this change as did West Ward councillor Giacomo Arnott.  These councillors accepted that the vast majority of the Tomaree community rejected the push for high rise in the Bay.

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3 Responses to Council votes to allow 8 and 12 storey buldings in Nelson Bay CBD

  1. margaret blanch says:

    dreadful decision. apalling. don’t ruin Nelson Bay. how about concentrationg on giving us more parking so was can access the shops, and not have to bypass nelson bay to go to Salamander!
    which I certainly will when we get metered parking, like I avoid the waterfront now.

  2. Michael mace says:

    8 to 12 is fine for the area as many more families will be coming to Port Stephens either to holiday or live progress keeps rolling on.
    This is great news.
    Port Stephens Councillor have done we in their decision. Congratulations.

  3. Gill Whitton says:

    Could someone please enlighten me on which members of the council voted in favour of this.
    It is important so that i can refer to dome of those in favour, so that I can ask them why.

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