Latest Submissions – Waste policy & Direction Signs

POLICY – File Reference PSC2007-3163

Our bottom line is that the Policy is nowhere near ambitions or broad enough and needs a lot more work.  We have expressly called for further consideration of a separate green waste collection, including its relationship to the current mixed waste processing plant at Raymond Terrace, which was innovative when introduced 20 years ago but has encountered problems with its composting output and may not be the best solution.

Full Submission – Click Here


Information and Direction Signs on Road
Reserves Policy

In 2020 we have identified as a high priority the need to improve the visual
standards and general presentation of the Gateway to the Tomaree Peninsula.
Central to this is the control and management of the various approach roads to
our area such as Nelson Bay Road. We have commenced detailed discussions
with Planning Officers on the initiative.

Full Submission – Click Here

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