Old Anna Bay Sports Ground

Old Anna Bay Sports Ground, Jessie Road – (Jessie Road – Cnr Port Stephens Drive & Nelson Bay Road)  – Park & Ride/Bus Interchange – Rezoning proposal

Update 04 April 2014

 Apologies, the wrong links were attached to this post, this has now been corrected!

Several TRRA members attended a 25 March public hearing on the proposed reclassification of the Council owned land at 2 Jessie Rd, Anna Bay.  This is the former oval south of the Nelson Bay Rd/Port Stephens Drive roundabout, the front part of which is used regularly as an informal transport interchange.  We spoke at the hearing in support of our written submission HERE which called for Council to commit to protecting and preferably formalizing that use, as well as providing visitor information at this ‘gateway’ site – all traffic entering the Tomaree peninsula has to use that roundabout.

Other speakers at the hearing were from Port Stephens Coaches, who emphasised the long established use of the site as a bus-car and bus-bus interchange; and Nelson Bay Pony Club, who use most of the site and are concerned about their future.

Council staff explained that the reclassification was designed to remove some constraints on potential uses of the land.  While there is currently no intention to re-zone it from RE1 Public Recreation, or to sell the land, reclassification would allow it to be sold or leased, and a wide range of uses including tourist accommodation are possible without rezoning.

The hearing was chaired by an independent consultant who will also write a separate report taking into account the views expressed at the hearing.  This will accompany an internal report and revised Planning Proposal which will go first to Council and then to the Department of Planning – the Minister has to approve any re-classification as a modification to the new Local Environment Plan (Pt Stephens LEP 2013).

September 30 2013 TRRA: Submission HERE

Original Post 20 July 2013

Council has approved further steps at the meeting on 28.5.13 to progress the reclassification of this large parcel of land from community (sports field) to operational (which makes it available to sell)  TRRA does not object to the sale. However, the quarantining of the section which faces Nelson Bay Road currently being used as an informal park and ride and bus interchange  for school children should be given more consideration before the rezoning takes place. There does not seem to be much point in selling it all off only to have to buy back a section for community use. This is our main Gateway into our whole area and should be made presentable.  There is also an existing toilet facility in good condition on the site which could be reopened at minimal cost. This area has received attention in the past as a potential tourist gateway and is suitable for an interactive tourism map or mobile tourism facility for peak times. The Council papers indicated there will be a public consultation period in August and a timeline for the rezoning to take place by December this year. We will be requiring public support when this is advertised, noting that it will probably appear as “Jessie Road, Anna Bay.”

On Exhibition on Council Website until 30 Sept 2012 HERE

TRRA Submission HERE

Maps Jessie Rd Rezoning HERE

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2 Responses to Old Anna Bay Sports Ground

  1. BRIAN says:

    The road reserve described above will always remain a road reserve and is NOT part of the the rezoning/reclassification which is taking place and therefore will NOT be required for ratepayers to purchase it back in community hands.
    (The Anna Bay tennis courts were once on this road reserve.)
    Nelson Bay Road is already 4 lanes and will NOT increase wider in our lifetime.
    Note: No community groups, i.e. sporting clubs or the Anna Bay Sport & Recreation Club wanted or needed this parcel of land.

    • Margaret says:

      Thanks for your comment Brian. I and another TRRA Committee member attended the Council meeting on 28.5.13. The locality plan & Reclassification Map for 2 Jessie Road, Anna Bay, included in the minutes and referred to as Attachment 2, clearly show the current informal Park and Ride area as included in the future planning proposal for reclassification – refer to map link showing boundaries which is now included in the post. It is accepted that sporting groups are well catered for in other new locations. This land is classified as a public reserve and should be available to the ratepayers of Port Stephens for other purposes, eg Visitor information bay as well as the Park and Ride facility and bus interchange.
      The business papers did not include reference to a road reserve. You are naturally welcome to clarify this with Council yourself.

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