Proposed Closure Of Facilities On The Peninsula

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Update Newcastle Herald July 11

Op Ed Kate Washington:

NSW Government Failing People With Disabillities

This Item was discussed at TRRA General Meetings on 12 May and 14 July.

1. Closure of Tomaree Lodge and the Stockton Centre facilities : There’s been a lot of talk in the media about the Stockton Centre and its proposed closure.  Little has been heard about Tomaree Lodge.  Tomaree Lodge has been a part of our community for a long time, it cares for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.  And yet, the State Government has announced that all disability residential care facilities are to be closed, including Tomaree Lodge.What will happen to these people and what will happen to this iconic site if the present facility is closed?

 Examiner 22 Oct 2013: Disabillity Work Under Threat

What our Mayor Macka wanted to do with it: Casino at Tomaree Head

 History of Tomaree Lodge: HERE

 2. Closure of Yacaaba Service : We also have heard that the State Government is to proceeding with a tender process that may result in the Yacaaba Service having to close its doors by July this year, effectively leaving vulnerable people at risk on the Tomaree peninsula, with nowhere to go in times of need.The Yacaaba Service has provided services to our community over many years.  It was initially created by our community to address a need, the need being to support women in situations of domestic violence.  The service has since developed to support both men and women in crisis.  It provides the only emergency housing and counseling for those at risk on the Tomaree Peninsula.

 Yacaaba Service Website is: HERE

 TRRA is concerned about how these issues will affect us locally and we invited Our Local Member Craig Baumann to attend our General Meeting, (12 May 2014) and explain these policies and the likely ramifications to our community. We have also invited Kate Washington, who acts on behalf of the Stockton Hospital Welfare Association, to address the meeting and share her expertise on this subject. Unfortunately Mr. Bauman has informed us that as Tuesday 13 May is a sitting day in Parliament  he is not available. We have requested a member of his staff to attend or a written statement to be provided, but we have yet to receive a response. The discussion will still be on the agenda.

*NB Next TRRA General Meeting, 7:00 pm Monday 12 May, Crows-Nest, Nelson Bay Bowling Club 

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