ICAC – Operation Spicer – Who is in the Cac At ICAC?

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‘The Grim Reaper’ 

NSW disease has now mutated from the Labour Party and it appears that a particularly virulent strain has taken hold in the Liberal Party with Premiers, Ministers and MP’s going down like nine pins with Council Assisting Geoffrey Watson SC playing the part of ‘the Grim Reaper’……….

The disease has now spread to the Hunter and even Port Stephens.  Names like Darren Williams and Nathan Tinkler, Companies like Buildev Pty. Ltd. These people have had, and still have, extensive business relationships with Port Stephens Council and some of them are known to be associates of some of our Councillors, they have declared this in the minutes of many Council Meetings.

Allegations of interference in the electoral process by developers and vested interests making prohibited donations seem to be popping up everywhere and lookout if you get in the way as Labour member for Newcastle (Jodie McKay) found out, even your own people will turn you into road-kill. This disease is bi-partisan.

TRRA Inc. wonders what would happen if some of this sort of forensic scrutiny was applied to the recent revelations in the Newcastle Herald about the last Council election and some of the dubious decisions that have been pushed through by the Mayor’s voting bloc since.  The Newcastle Herald obviously called for it in this 28 February EditorialThere is probably a case for some external authority to examine the matter in detail, to clarify whether the contributions were donations or something else instead.” 

TRRA inc. would like some light shone in some of the dark corners around Medowie Woolworths, The Wallalong Gateway Proposal, some dubious development decisions and some recent tendering practices.  The ‘Grim Reaper’ might find some rich pickings indeed…………….! Let’s hope the Commission finishes the job it has started and cleans up ALL the mess.

ICAC, MacKenzie and MclCloy – Should Mayors be Developers Too?

Newspaper Archives ICAC:

Newcastle Herald 04 May 2014: ICAC urged to look into Bruce MacKenzie’s election campaigns.

 Newcastle Herald 05 May 2014: ICAC: aims claims at tinkler and company.

Newcastle Herald 06 May 2014: Nathan Tinkler to face ICAC before new investigations.

Port Stephens Examiner 06 May 2014: Port Stephens Mayor, Council under scrutiny.

Newcastle Herald 07 May 2014: ICAC: Nathan Tinkler texts put no price limit on bid to remove Jodi McKay.

Newcastle Herald 16 May 2014: ICAC: Newcastle Alliance in developer claims.

Newcastle Herald 16 May 2014: Nathan Tinkler’s denials, accusations, revelations at inquiry.

Newcastle Herald 16 May 2014Opinion: Kate McLemont – Money, Immorality and our democracy at ICAC.

Newcastle Herald 16 May 2014: Opinion Greg Ray- A Case Of Us And Them.

Examiner 13 Aug: ICAC Probe Names Two Port Pollies

Newcastle Herald PSC Election Investigation

 What’s Going On At Wallalong

Daracon Group Funded Owen 2011 Tilt

Election Funding Authority To Examine Donations To Tim Owen

ICAC: Crossbench gets cosier as ninth MP implicated

ICAC fallout aired behind closed doors for council

ICAC: Baird – Libs ‘forfeited right’ to represent Hunter: video, photos

ICAC: Tripodi ‘leaked’ advice on loader

ICAC: Murphy in dark on carpet message meaning

ICAC: Tony Abbott – ALP to blame for Liberal’s shame 

ICAC: McCloy ally Brad Luke warms the city chair, poll 

ICAC: Elite club gave ‘anti-Labor’ funding 

ICAC: What you said on Jeff McCloy’s resignation 

ICAC: NSW Labor leader’s chief of staff stands down

ICAC: Tony Abbott blames Labor over law that led to Liberals’ ICAC woes

ICAC: Tinkler company ‘funded FedUp! through Newcastle Alliance’, photos

ICAC: Follow it live, August 18

ICAC: Newcastle lord mayor Jeff McCloy quits 

IAN KIRKWOOD: City paying price but this isn’t corruption 

ICAC: Premier under attack over byelections

ICAC: Mike Baird’s apology – what you said 

ICAC: Voters get three polls  in just months  

ICAC: OPINION – Voters are left shaking heads  at  government’s tactics

 ICAC: Conservatives disappointed at lack of Liberal candidates: poll  

ICAC: OPINION – Let’s get real about Jeff McCloy’s intentions,  legacy

ICAC: Robyn Parker all clear but seat not safe

ICAC: Premier apologises to Hunter for scandal: poll  

ICAC: Minister tells lawyers  to get rid of Jeff McCloy 

ICAC: Docket for how-to-vote McCloy cards produced at inquiry 

ICAC: Robyn Parker emerges unscathed from inquiry 

ICAC: Ownership of ‘boat’ makes waves at hearing

ICAC: Hunter MP’s offices stripped bare 

EDITORIAL: Dilemma for the lord mayor

ICAC: Local government minister urges Jeff McCloy to “consider his position”

ICAC: Robyn Parker appears over “big man” speculation

ICAC leaves Hunter MPs stripped bare

Joe Hockey fundraiser called before ICAC

ICAC: Strike – 10th Liberal MP skittled at inquiry

GREG RAY: Another one falls at ICAC 

ICAC: Hospital puts Rex Newell painting for auction on eBay 

ICAC: Hilton Gruegon claims Andrew Cornwell’s art evidence not true

ICAC: Brother of ICAC counsel says ban is ‘a bad law’ 

ICAC: Garry Edwards knows position is all about trust

ICAC: Two sides to stories of donations  

ICAC: No brown paper bags, but Mother Teresa, Hugh Grant and a posse of burghers were there

ICAC: But I’m not a developer, says Jeff McCloy  

ICAC: Premier Mike Baird relents with guarantee of probity

ICAC: Follow it live, August 14

ICAC: Jeff McCloy admits giving cash to Swansea MP Garry Edwards

MP Garry Edwards stands aside after Jeff McCloy told ICAC of donation

ICAC: Hilton Grugeon contradicts Andrew Cornwell evidence on painting

“Man up and don’t back down”: Bruce MacKenzie urges Jeff McCloy to stand firm at ICAC

ICAC: Byelections in Newcastle, Charlestown to cost $1 million, poll

ICAC: Mike Gallacher arranged $120,000 from “big man” for Tim Owen

ICAC: Craig Baumann, Mike Gallacher implicated in Nathan Tinkler donation scheme

ICAC: MP resignations force byelections

Greens call again for powwow on Jeff McCloy over ICAC

ICAC: Outrage over Newcastle’s black eye

ICAC: Gladys Berejiklian, Brad Hazzard shrug off Newcastle rail line questions

GREG RAY: Ditty of pity for our city

EDITORIAL: Newcastle hit by donations scandal

ICAC: We track Tim Owen’s trail of lies

ICAC OPINION: Premier fails first big leadership test

ICAC: Tim Owen may face criminal charges after admitting he lied

Cash still king as true horror dawns on Tim Owen

ICAC: MP resignations force byelections

ICAC: Tim Owen’s wife – “I’m disgusted with my husband”

ICAC: Jeff McCloy awaits his turn at inquiry 

ICAC: Tim Owen, rise and fall of an officer politician 

ICAC: Lies, bribes, resignations, byelections – dark days for city 

ICAC: OPINION – The price of democracy and political donations 

ICAC: Questions over payment of Owen staffer

ICAC: Jodi McKay silent on running again 

TOPICS: ICAC satire Newcastle’s growth industry 

ICAC: Cornwell raised residents’ concerns over Whitebridge development 

GREG RAY: No country for honest men

OPINION: Voters must be left reeling

ICAC: Councillors seek urgent meeting with lord mayor Jeff McCloy, poll

ICAC: Tim Owen, Andrew Cornwell resign from parliament: photos, poll

 EDITORIAL: The ICAC juggernaut continues

ICAC: Bob Baldwin may be asked about spruiking coal-loader

ICAC:  Artist Rex Newell likely to be called to testify

ICAC: Tim Owen gave back McCloy’s bag of cash – after a few days 

ICAC: Tim Owen says Jeff McCloy gave him envelope of cash

ICAC: Former Liberal MP Andrew Cornwell to face motion to expel him from NSW Parliament

ICAC: Follow it live, August 11 

ICAC: Joe Tripodi under fire over  smear campaign role

ICAC: Baldwin took up coal-loader’s cause  

ICAC: Greens call for delay to Whitebridge

ICAC: Buildev bankrolled mud-throwing campaign 

EDITORIAL: Newcastle deserves better than this political trainwreck

ICAC: Andrew Cornwell to quit politics after admission on bribes: poll

ICAC: Painting price a surprise to artist Rex Newell 

OPINION: City renewal must go on regardless of ICAC

GREG RAY: Ghosts of Joe Tripodi at ICAC 

ICAC: Andrew Cornwell officially resigns from Liberal Party, poll

ICAC: Labor councillors call for McCloy to stand down

ICAC: Andrew Cornwell’s $10,000 mistake

ICAC: Re-gifting artwork becomes a political minefield; poll

ICAC: DJ believed invoices were above board

ICAC: MP Garry Edwards warned to be nice to Buildev 

ICAC: Herald journalist Matthew Kelly to give evidence

GREG RAY: MP refused to play ball

EDITORIAL: Coalition’s Newcastle nightmare

OPINION: Why is Andrew Cornwell still in parliament if he admitted taking a bribe

Andrew Cornwell pocketed $10k from developer to pay tax bill

ICAC: Follow the bag of money as we tweet the evidence live

ICAC: The Bentley and the bag of money, poll

ICAC: Behind the cast taking centre stage at the inquiry

ICAC: ‘I have done nothing wrong’ – Jeff McCloy

ICAC: Tripodi offered job by Tinkler company

ICAC hears Liberal party boss Brian Loughnane knew developer donations went through federal channels

Tim Owen and Andrew Cornwell stand down from Liberal Party after ICAC hearing

ICAC: Jeff McCloy, Hilton Grugeon added to list of alleged prohibited donors

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