PS Council Managed Caravan Parks- Update

TRRA succeeded in its application under the GIPA Act to obtain  a copy of the Deloitte Audit of the PSC Holiday Parks Management alluded to in previous posts: HERE and HERE.  Relevant correspondence was also released.These documents are currently being  analysed  by the TRRA Financial sub-committee.

TRRA has lodged a submission to Crown Lands Dept (now NSW Dept.Trade and Investment) HERE


  • Council has taken action on most of the recommended actions which are aimed at making sure that the Park’s financial management is kept separate from council’s finances generally.
  • This will make sure that profits are do not siphoned away from the parks into general Council revenues.
  •  A separate Reserve Trust has been established to cover all three caravan parks and revised Plans of Management were adopted and submitted to Crown Lands.  Advice received today indicates that these plans are being significantly revised again in consultation with Crown Lands staff.
  • TRRA Inc. studied the agenda papers for the first meeting of this trust which simply comprises all Councillors.
  •  One aspect of concern is a plan to invest $14 ml  from the Reserve Trust Fund in new park facilities and renewal of assets over the next 6 years. Only around 4 ml  is earmarked for other reserves such as the Shoal Bay foreshore.
  •  The Trust  decided to reject a council staff proposal to extend the Halifax Park boundary to take in the land east of that park . Covered in previous post HERE
  •  The Crown Lands  Manager from Maitland indicated to-day a willingness to meet with TRRA inc. to discuss our concerns.

TRRA Inc. has shared the information that we had access to with the Port Stephens Caravan and Camping Association Inc. and they have also lodged a submission to the Government on this issue.  Their views are not necessarily the views of TRRA Inc., but we have posted their submission for your information HERE.



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