TRRA’s Submission to IPART on SRV

The TRRA submission to IPART concludes as follows:

If the council succeeds with its application, it is at the higher end of the options normally granted by IPART.

TRRA  notes the current Council which is proposing the SRV has only 18 months to run before the next elections.  We do not recall any of the current Councillors expressly flagging an intention for an SRV during the election campaign in 2017.

TRRA suggests that a less ambitious project list and shorter period for rate rises would be much more saleable to the community and allow the necessary flexibility to respond to the changing social, business, technical and financial conditions.  There would be greater opportunity to assess the success of Council in delivering the programme and if proven, there would be an option of applying to IPART for an extension of the SRV.

TRRA’s full submission – Click Here

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