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What The Papers Are Saying !

What The Papers Are Saying !







2017 Clippings

02 June 2017: Dungog Council expected to hold extraordinary meeting on poll questions

01 June 2017: Michael Johnsen MP reassures Dungog Council staff 

02 June 2017: Press Release – Dungog Council – Irresponsible Resignations

Meltdown at Dungog Council…….

02 June 2017: Dungog mayor and three councillors walk out, calls for state government to act after day of chaos

01 June 2017: Dungog general manager Craig Deasey and councillor Neville Bale have resigned

16 May 2017: Dungog says no, again, to a merger with Port Stephens  More HERE

11 May 2017: Developer Rod Salmon ready to build apartments on stalled Donald Street ‘holes’ 

28 April 2017: Mayor Bruce Mackenzie’s Salt Ash BMX track plan has ended with a deadline

17 April 2017: Church Street apartments on hold in Nelson Bay after rescission motion 

12 April 2017: Ascent apartments amended for Church Street site but Urban Design Consultative Group still not happy 

08 April 2017: Port Stephens mayor Bruce MacKenzie’s family company has pleaded not guilty to waste dumping 

05 Apr 2017: Port Stephens councillor Geoff Dingle questions code of conduct case

29 Mar 1017: ‘Enough already’ with code of conduct

17 Mar 2017: Port Stephens’ controversial Gardenland composting project is approved – but with strings attached 

17 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council agrees to $6m loan for Yacaaba Street extension – (Webmaster: We are in ‘Election Mode” already………!)

17 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council rejects umpire’s decision on code of conduct case 

14 Feb 2017: Calls for an apology after case review

11 Feb 2017: Port Stephens Council sees monsters in the dark 

01 Feb 2017: Eagleton Rock Syndicate revives plans for hard rock quarry within Grahamstown Dam drinking water catchment

18 Nov 2016 – Editorial: Premier Mike Baird’s changes to ICAC are a bad look for this government   More HERE

2016 Clippings

11 November 2016: Government accused of using Trump as cover for controversial bill

08 Oct 2016: ‘Wholesale Gutting’: Opposition warning as environmental bills introduced

23 Oct 2016:  Warnings of Crown land ‘fire sale’ by Baird government

30 May 2016: Administrator finds new Chinese buyer for Birubi resort  (Story Here)

26 May 2016: Gloucester protesters stopped the inaugural meeting of their new merged council 

25 May 2016: Inner West Council’s new administrator spat on during rowdy meeting – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I wonder what the new ‘City of the Hunter Coast Council’ will make of this when they get the multi-million dollar bill next year??? 

20 May 2016:   Port Stephens Council paid a developer $750,000 for an agreement that didn’t hold water (Story Here)

27 April 2016: Boomerang Park plan of management approved at Port Stephens Council meeting

12 April 2016: Call for Medowie venue to “go for a beer together and watch sport”

28 March 2016: Port Stephens Council is under challenge over a Nelson Bay development (Story Here)

23 March 2016: Mayor, Bruce MacKenzie and Cr Geoff Dingle in heated council debate

18 March 2016: Room for growth at Williamtown (read Comments!)

27 Feb 2016: Port Stephens mayor Bruce Mackenzie’s alligator weed plan has the EPA recommending boundaries 

16 Feb 2016: Port Stephens mayor Bruce MacKenzie’s family sand quarry stands alone in compliance audit 

“Beauty is in the eye of the Beerholder”   Jan 28 2016: Port gift gaffe sparks Australia Day storm

Jan 28 2016: The stubby holder and a timely message

21 Jan 2016: Peter Kafer calls to reinstate webcasting of council meetings 

19 Jan 2016: Kate Washington Promoted to front bench

17 Jan 2016: Banned Aid – NSW Electoral Commission investigates banned Hunter developer donations to the Liberal Party

13 Jan 2016: Mayor to ‘shirtfront’ Chinese President Xi Jinping…….! Birubi Resort a ‘blight’ on Chinese relations

13 Jan 2016: Holiday Parks Thou Walla and Trescapes in financial difficulty 

Examiner 07 Jan 2016: Strategy the key for Nelson Bay business 

Newcastle Herald 10 Jan 2016: Macka’s quarry plans queried 

Newcastle Herald 04 Jan 2016: Dingle asks state to stop Port’s spend

Examiner 01 Jan 2016: Lime solution to fix Salt Ash BMX stockpile


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