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Extensive Press Coverage Below in – “What The Papers are saying!’
New Look Council, but old culture survives…….

Posted 03 Oct 2017

The new Mayor and Councillors have made a disappointing start, at their first meeting

Meet Your New PS Council

Final Results of Poll now available

Posted 16 Sept 2017

Port Stephens Mayor: Ryan Palmer clinches 2017 Council Elections

Congratulations to Ryan’s Team – More to come when results finalised

Community Expectations high for a new era in Port Stephens

Posted 15 Sept 2017

TRRA ‘Meet The Candidates’ Forum – 7:00pm Tuesday 15 August 2017 – Auditorium – Nelson Bay Bowling Club
  • Moderator – Q&A Format – Timed Answers – Your opportunity to evaluate the Candidates – Save the date!
Our Meet The Candidates Forum – 15 Aug 2017 attracted 240 People!

Our most successful forum ever!

‘Meet The Candidates’ – The Video!
Questionnaire to PS Election Candidates

Also: Contentious and derogatory material that is being distributed across the LGA

TRRA – 27 June 2017: Opportunity for candidates and constituents in coming election
18 August 2017: Fresh Ideas on offer for Council

A full house of more than 240 people hard from 7 candidates…………….

Thou shalt not ‘impute’!

Journalist Joanne McCarthy has finally made public in today’s Newcastle Herald, 24 May 2017, some of what we were aware has been going on behind the scenes at Port Stephens Council for some time.

The 2012 Council Elections – TRRA analysed the result and the Newcastle Herald carried out a major investigation over a week of articles. Read all about it HERE 

Port Stephens Report on 2012 Election

1.9 MB *NB None of these recommendations were ever implemented


What The Papers Are Saying !







19 Sept 2017: Confidence in a bright Port Stephens Future

18 Sept 2017: The buck always stops with the Councillors

18 Sept 2017: Mayor-elect congratulates his new team

14 Sept 2017: Dungog decision time looming after vote

12 Sept 2017: Port Stephens Council Mayor-elect Ryan Palmer says he’ll be dedicated full time to the role

12 Sept 2017: Who’s who at the horseshoe

12 Sept 2017: Voting turns physical in Port

09 Sept 2017: Port Stephens mayor: Ryan palmer clinches 2017 Council elections

09 Sept 2017: Newcastle, Port Stephens, Maitland, Dungog local government elections 2017

Sept 09 2017 – Editorial Comment: Democracy might be messy, but it’s vital

09 Sept 2017: Palmer in box seat to become Port Stephens Mayor

11 Sept 2017: Washington mayor-elect after Labor’s mixed showing

09 Sept 2017: Palmer in box seat to become Port Stephens Mayor


05 Sept 2017: Meet the Central Ward Candidates

05 Sept 2017: Meet the East Ward Candidates

05 Sept 2017: Meet the West Ward Candidates

05 Sept 2017: Lords Prayer evokes heated pre-poll exchange

05 Sept 2017: Flyers sent in bid to sway voters ahead of Port Stephens local government elections

05 Sept 2017: Council ‘how to vote’ material accidentally bundled with candidate promotional materials

16 August 2017: TRRA confident a new Port Stephens Council will resume live webcast of meetings

16 August 2017: TRRA Letter to the Editor -Live Webcasting Fears Unfounded

14 August 2017: Cr Geoff Dingle to run for Port Stephens mayor but won’t seek re-election as central ward councillor

16 Aug 2017: ‘Sexist, homophobic’ posts haunt mayoral candidate

09 Aug 2017: Independent Ryan Palmer draws ballot place number one in mayoral race for Port Stephens

09 August 2017: Macka announces retirement ahead of council election

08 Aug 2017: Geoff Dingle seeks the Port Stephens Council’s top job

Des Maslen leads the ALP ticket in race for mayor

08 Aug 2017: Peter Kafer takes on the heavyweights in mayoral election

08 Aug 2017:Ryan Palmer is youngest of Port Stephens mayoral candidates

08 Aug 2017: Candidates to face questions

04 Aug 2017: BMX soil almost a ‘windfall’

03 Aug 2017: Dover says ‘lets finish what we started’

02 Aug 2017: Council Changes tact on Salt Ash BMX track

02 Aug 2017: Council brings forward Koala Facility planning

01 Aug 2017: Final Port Stephens Council to tackle 900-page agenda

30 July 2017: Jamie Abbott takes a shot at Port Council Spot

28 July 2017: Port Stephens ratepayers to help foot the bill for defamation cases

28 July 2017: OPINION: Time for real change in Port Stephens this election year

26 July 2017 – (Video): Port Stephens Council Walkout

26 July 2017: Hunter and Central Coast local government elections are a chance for change

26 July 2017: Councillors walk out over 900 page agenda

25 July 2017: Mammoth Port Stephens Council Meeting falls short

25 July 2017: Monster final Port Stephens Council agenda panned

25 July 2017: Dingle bid as Port Stephens Mayor

15 July 2017:  Port Stephens defamation case to test Macka’s teflon talents

07 July 2017: Labor candidates under Des Maslen want council meetings broadcast live if elected

05 July 2017: Councillor Nell to run again for Port Stephens Council after 30 years of service

01 July 2017: Port Stephens residents go polls council elections

27 June 2017  TRRA OpinionMore consultative council is what’s wanted 

27 June 2017: Fuse is lit on September council elections

27 June 2017 Opinion: Port Stephens Council shows there’s more to local government than meets the eye

27 June 2017: Port Stephens Councillor Ken Jordan slams Labor’s ‘party politics’

26 June 2017: Port Stephens Labor Candidates Revealed

23 June 2017: Desmond Maslen to lead Labor team in Port Stephens local government election

22 June 2017: Councillor Dover Declares She Will Run in Upcoming Port Stephens Council elections

16 May 20017: Like a Boomerang Jillian Lye is back but this time she wants to be a Port Stephens Councillor

28 Feb 2017: Cr John Nell asks for Port Stephens Council to abandon polling days 

06 Jan 2017: Ryan Palmer, the man behind the public persona

Nov 30 2016: Councils respond to election delay: ‘It’s blackmailing by the state government’ 

13 October 2015: Port councillor John Nell to retire from politics after 29 years 

30 October 2015: Des Maslen has thrown his hat into the ring for the September 2016 local government election 

3 Dec 2013: Councillor reveals election plot for pro-development council 

The 2012 Council Elections – TRRA analysed the result and the Newcastle Herald carried out a major investigation over a week of articles. Read all about it HERE 

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