Press Releases 2017

Press Releases 2017

Battle lines drawn – the height war the Nelson Bay community must win.

Posted 08 Dec 2017

Community Expectations high for a new era in Port Stephens

Posted 15 Sept 2017

 Fresh Ideas on offer for Council

Posted 18 Aug 2017

A full house of more than 240 people hard from 7 candidates……………. 

09 May 2017: The battle to maintain Nelson Bay’s Character just got more difficult
01 May 2017: Extraordinary Dungog Council Meeting Re Merger Proposal from PS Council
28 April 2017: Council decision on Nelson Bay high-rise pre-empts community input
10 April 2017: PS Council Staff recommend Councillors Jump the gun on DA for Church Street Apartments 
23 Feb 2017: What do you want Nelson Bay to be?
15 Feb 2017: Council Mergers – Expensive backflip to the status quo 
15 Feb 2017: Bay sites reaching for the sky 
Flyer 30 Jan 2017: How High? General Meeting 21 Feb 2017
30 Jan 2017: How High? Community faces critical decision on Nelson Bay Building Heights.