Apex Park – War Memorial

Apex Park War Memorial Relocation

Council called a meeting on this issue at 5pm 03 April 2013 and TRRA Inc. was invited to attend. Geoff Washington’s report is HERE  Graphic of Proposal : HERE  Previous Post on this issue HERE

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  1. Greg Hodson says:

    Well I see that ANZAC day was a great success and we probably had one of the biggest crowds this year. I am still somewhat disgusted at the way in which we still cannot afford to purchase a decent CD player to play out national anthem and once again this was a total embarrassment to us from a visitors point of view and again the microphone system was atrocious. I have been onto the website to look at the plans and yes there is a lot of work to be done to make sure that we get this relocation right.

    One suggestion is to make sure that the memorial faces towards the old site so that everyone can view the service and not have it facing the crossing and walkways and ramps as it is in the current plans that are going around.

    Second suggestion is to have speaker poles around the park area so that everyone can here the service and to make sure that the volume is turn up for all to hear not just a few at the front of the service. This only happens once a year and I am sure that the residents in this area are only more than happy to hear the service of our great service for our men and women who had to fight and go to war for this great country of ours. This would only happen between 5.30am – 6.00am for the dawn service and from 10.30am – 11.30am for the main service.

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