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2016 Issues:

TRRA Joins Nelson Bay Lobby Group

The purpose of NBN is to create a partnership of organisations and individuals working towards a better future for Nelson Bay Town Centre and its foreshore.  Its key objective is to create a united voice and cohesive advocacy group to represent the interests of businesses and the community of Nelson Bay.

Examiner August 30 2016: Nelson Bay NOW formed to liaise with Port Stephens Council 

N.S.W. Independent Commission Against Corruption

Bribe_20151009121118ICAC Report – Operation Spicer Report Released 30 Aug 2016 *

Long Awaited Report Finally released – Even More ICAC Stories: HERE

Media Stories Updated to 24 November 2016

CaptureICAC Still Under Threat

Posted 12 December 2015 (Updated 30 August 2016) Report Now Tabled

Opinion: Could a pair of fake breasts have triggered a saga that changes forever the powers of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption?

McCloyMcCloy High Court Challenge Fails

Posted October 09 2015

Q: When will we ever see the full ICAC report?

A: When big developers run out of Lawyer Money……

Mambo Wetlands

 Mambo Fight Continues  – 01 Oct Protest at Site

What You Can Do – Key Points for Submissions

Mambo Update: 300 people turn out on Grand Final Weekend!

Sunday, 1st October on the corner of Port Stephens Drive and Foreshore Drive at 11.00am.

0 KoalaOctober 2016: Update on Mambo Wetlands Issue – ‘Come And Walk the Mambo Wetlands

Posted 12 May 2016 – Updated to 04 Sept 2017

Sold off ‘by mistake’

 Mambo Land SaleSave Mambo Wetlands’ Community Forum 

 5:45 PM Thursday 26 May – Horizons Golf course

Posted 12 May 2016 – Updated 01 June 2016

Mambo 4Are The Mambo Wetlands Under Threat?

Posted 12 May 2016 –Updated 01 June 2016

Big slice of Mambo Wetlands On Sale 09 June

Lagoons Estate

Lawyers Picnic at Lagoons Estate 2017

Posted 19 Sept 2017

The longer this goes on the more expensive it gets

Lawyers1Lawyers Picnic at Lagoons Estate 2016

12 Years of litigation, and the only winners are the lawyers!

Posted 12 April 2016 (Updated to 20 May 2016)

Money-down-drain 1Ratepayers Millions down The Drain?2015/16

Posted 19 June 2015 (Updated to 5 April 2016) More Soon!

Lagoons Estate – Court Battles With PSC

Letters: Examiner April 12 2016 MP’S Actions Prove Costly

Posted April 14 2016

Karuah Mens Shed – Because He Can……

Posted 06 July 2014

Recomendations Are Just Recomendations………..!


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