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Housing Strategy

Submissions on the draft Housing Strategy are due by 20th March.  Please consider having your say on this important issue, either by email or in the online survey at

We suggest that key points are:

  • The Strategy is too ‘growth’ focussed, and does not adequately address major environmental challenges, including mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and loss of biodiversity, including Koala habitat.
  • Housing demand in Tomaree is different from the rest of Pt Stephens, most of which is within the Greater Newcastle metro area, which will grow much faster.
  • No need to relax planning controls in Tomaree to encourage higher density infill development on small blocks – there is a natural trend through subdivision etc which should provide sufficient new low-rise houses, and Council could encourage site amalgamation instead.
  • Reject the proposal to allow increased heights and reduced setbacks in large suburban areas of Nelson Bay, Corlette and Shoal Bay. This could dramatically change the character of these areas, which is important both for residents and visitors.
  • The Strategy should include clearer policies on short term holiday accommodation and ‘lifestyle’ villages, both of which pose major problems in Tomaree.
  • There should be greater emphasis on sustainability, including more efficient building design, urban tree cover, and better integration of land use and transport planning, including encouragement of public transport while recognising parking demand.

Full Submission – Click Here

We are saddened by the death of former Port Stephens Councillor Geoff Dingle.  He was a good friend of TRRA and a beacon of integrity during his 13 years on Council. He remained engaged in the community until the end and will be missed. We send our condolences to his family.

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