TRRA Committee 2022/23

2022/23 TRRA Inc. Committee

Ben van der Wijngaart (Nelson Bay)

Vice President:

Denis Pittorino (Nelson Bay)
Financial & Membership Management

Robyn Williams (Salamander Bay)

Membership Secretary:
Robyn Williams (Salamander Bay)

Media Officer:
Geoff Washington (Nelson Bay)

Strategy Officer
Geoffrey Basser (Salamander)

Planning Assessment:
Nigel Waters (Nelson Bay) Planning Sub-Committee

Research Officer:
John James (Stroud)

Web Services:
André Dussart (Salamander Bay)


Committee Member 1:
Brenda Egan (Nelson Bay)

Committee Member 2:
Cath Norman (Nelson Bay)

Committee Member 3:
Gill Whitlton (Nelson Bay)

Committee Member 4:
Hazel Driver (Nelson Bay)

Committee Member 5: Assistant to Secretary
Bill Salter (Nelson Bay)

Committee Members meet on the second last Thursday of every month.

View Committee Members Biographies where available by clicking on the link in their names.

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