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Extensive Press Coverage Below in – “What The Papers are saying!’
New Look Council, but old culture survives…….

Posted 03 Oct 2017

The new Mayor and Councillors have made a disappointing start, at their first meeting

Meet Your New PS Council

Final Results of Poll now available

Posted 16 Sept 2017

Port Stephens Mayor: Ryan Palmer clinches 2017 Council Elections

Congratulations to Ryan’s Team – More to come when results finalised

Community Expectations high for a new era in Port Stephens

Posted 15 Sept 2017

TRRA ‘Meet The Candidates’ Forum – 7:00pm Tuesday 15 August 2017 – Auditorium – Nelson Bay Bowling Club
  • Moderator – Q&A Format – Timed Answers – Your opportunity to evaluate the Candidates – Save the date!
Our Meet The Candidates Forum – 15 Aug 2017 attracted 240 People!

Our most successful forum ever!

‘Meet The Candidates’ – The Video!
Questionnaire to PS Election Candidates

Also: Contentious and derogatory material that is being distributed across the LGA

TRRA – 27 June 2017: Opportunity for candidates and constituents in coming election
18 August 2017: Fresh Ideas on offer for Council

A full house of more than 240 people hard from 7 candidates…………….

Thou shalt not ‘impute’!

Journalist Joanne McCarthy has finally made public in today’s Newcastle Herald, 24 May 2017, some of what we were aware has been going on behind the scenes at Port Stephens Council for some time.




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