Soldiers Point Marina November Update

The TRRA has actively monitored the status of this proposal over the last 6 months. During that time Council has been in regular communication with the applicant to try and obtain additional information on their proposed solution.

This application was originally lodged back in February 2012 and included a valet parking solution to support the required number of car parking locations. This valet parking was located off-site about 5km from the marina in the Salamander Bay Commercial district. This solution was nothing new as the owner had, in 2008, submitted a similar proposal to Council. At that time Council indicated that this type of solution was not viable and that DA did not proceed further.

Currently the applicant is reviewing car parking options open to them. These could include

  • Sticking with the current valet parking solution.
  • Submitting a proposal for a multi-level car park on land next to the marina
  • Purchasing land in the marina precinct to be used as a car park.
  • Utilizing current car parking at the Soldiers Point Boat Ramp etc.

It should be noted that the nearby Soldiers Point Community Hall has been allocated Section 94 prioritized for two levels of work. The first, which is currently underway, is the removal of asbestos, the second is for external work including car parking extensions. If Council can create a larger enough car-park at the Community Hall (Which is less than 250 m from the marina) this may also provide an option to the marina proponent to utilize the extra spaces for their DA.

Colin Howard, President of the Soldiers Point Community Group has provided a detailed update on the overall proposal HERE

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