Apex Park Memorial Relocation

Still Controversial, (Examiner 14 November HERE and HERE,) the relocation of the War Memorial has now been completed and Council workers have done a fine job of the construction and landscaping.

TRRA sincerely hope that the relocation satisfies the needs of the Service Associations, particularly with the 100 year ANZAC celebrations imminent.


We are still disappointed that no Master Plan has been conceived for this important area as was agreed in the Nelson Bay Town Centre and Foreshore Strategic Plan in 2012, and that the Council and Councillors continue to make ad hoc decisions without considering the long term implications for the future.  These strategic plans cost us all plenty to produce, the Community puts a lot of work into consultation, submissions etc. before they are finally adopted, but before the ink is dry they seem to be just discarded or ignored, for another short term fix. We can live with this compromise, but we think that with a proper integrated plan it could have been done better.

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