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2012 Council Elections Link

Oasis Close Pic 240x180Ash St/ Oasis Close – Walkway To Nowhere?

Posted 06 July 2014: Updated to October 30 2014


 Works Plan 2015-2025 – Extract from Straregic Asset Plan P-206-219

150331 Submission on Draft PS DCP 2014  This goes before Council for adoption July 14, further report soon

Comment from Bejeepers in ‘Have your Say’ – “Shoal Bay Cage” issue.

Seven little Snouts in the Trough!!

Posted 24 February 2015

Seven Little Pigs in the Trough

Prediction 24 Feb 2015:::   THIS   will romp through Council tonight………..!!!!

We were right, it did, moved K Jordan seconded S Dover: Carried. We estimate that with the General Manager and Staff attending, with fees, accommodation, air fares etc. this will probably run into around $25-30,000.00. How many little piggies does it take to change a light bulb in Darwin? We were not aware that the same Councillors went on a similar jaunt to Hobart Tasmania Last year…….

Newcastle Herald 17 April 2014: Former Councillor Slams Trip

Cleanup PupDog Exercise Areas Adopted

Posted 23 December 2014

Check out new rules, Maps etc.


billsWrite Off Unrecoverable Debit…….!

Posted 04 November 2014

Incompetent ? You bet !


Toilets3Happy To Take Your Dollars But Don’t Try And Spend A Penny!

Posted 10 October, Update 17 December 2014: Thank You Councillor Dingle!

Woolies Nelson Bay ‘Relieved’ of DA Condition for Public Toilets?


Rubbish Pickup 2What’s Happening To Kerbside Cleanups?

Posted 03 October 2014

On Call Bulk Waste Collection Next Year?

 Newcastle Airport 100 x100Newcastle Airport – PS Council To Waive Sec 94 Fees? 

Posted 12 August 2014

Examiner 13 Aug: Port Mayor Made Unsuccessful Bid For Airport Exemption


Posted 31 October 2013

Announced at the AGM.  Read it: HERE.


Jessie Rd Old Anna Bay Sports Ground, Jessie Road

Posted 20 July 2013, Updated to 14 April 2014

Park & Ride/Bus interchange – Council’s Rezoning Proposal.


mobile_phone_towerMobile Phone Tower In Corlette?

Posted November 11 2014, Updated To 01 July 2014

Re-emergence of a former plan to install a mobile phone transmission tower on the hilltop reserve about 300 metres southeast of the corner of Foreshore Drive & Sandy Point Road.


Cleanup PupDraft Dog Exercise Area Mapping

Posted 24 May 2014

Information on Companion Animals


IMG_0002Apex Park Memorial Relocation

Posted November 15 2013

Looks great, but still no integrated Master Plan for Apex Park.


Bush Fires – Councillor’s Concern  

Posted 14 October, **Updated Dec 12**

Mayor attacks Rural fire service Commissioner, dismisses fire protection regulations as unnecessary .


NB RoadWhere is Cowsh-t Corner?????   

Posted 02 October 2013

MacKas Sand Trucks access approved by Planning Assessment Commission.


Wharf3AShoal Bay – Foreshore Revitalization

Posted 20 Septem, Updated 20 December 2013

Great Job, well done PSC!

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