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I.C.A.C Investigations

CaptureHas The High Court Killed ICAC?

Posted April 18 2015

Opinion Piece

Newcastle Herald May 05 2015: Baird’s Plan To Bolster ICAC’s Past Findings

Newcastle Herald May 06 2015: Bipartisan Support For ICAC ‘Validation Bill’

Newcastle Herald 07 May: Kate Washington Thanks ICAC in Maiden Speech

ABC The Drum 8 May 2015: Good On Mike Baird For Cleaning Up The ICAC Mess


The Cross BenchICAC – Local Govt. Minister: Please Finish The Job!

Posted 15 September 2014

 More Damning Revelations About Our Council From The ICAC


Grim-reaper-death-WallpaperICAC: Who Is In The Cac At ICAC?

Posted 06 May 2014, Updated to Friday 28 July 2014.

“The Grim Reaper” TRRA Inc. Says: Clean it ALL up!


NSW ParlliamentTRRA Inc. Issues Raised In NSW Parliament

Posted 26 August 2014

 Budget Estimates 19 August Hansard Transcript


552022_109590482522731_1413107044_nICAC, Mackenzte & McCloy – Should Property Developers be Mayors Too?

Posted 18 August 2014 _Updated 20 August 2014

Reaction from The Mayor: Call For ICAC Probe Into PSC & Mayor Bruce MacKenzie


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