Alexander Park Dressage, Salt Ash Pony Club or Bruce’s BMX?

Pony ClubWhat sort of example does Port Stephens Council set to developers and construction companies if it allows itself and its Mayor to behave in this manner? Any wonder it cannot get others to comply with the rules if it does not follow them itself.

Read the full Story on the Alexander Park/Bruce Mackenzie Horse Park which featured in the ABC Background Briefing Show 04 October 2015:

Alexander Park Dressage, Salt Ash Pony Club or Bruce’s BMX?

Also Read the PS Re: Pepper Tree Road Project dumping more spoil on a flood plain

Updated Press Reports:

Port Stephens Examiner 19 Feb 2016: Salt Ash soil not contaminated says Port Stephens Council

Port Stephens Examiner 19 Feb 2016: Port Stephens Council has been ordered to move 2000 tonnes of contaminated soil

Examiner Jan 2016: Cr Geoff Dingle calls for further acid sulphate soil tests at Ferodale Park after Salt Ash findings 

Examiner 21 December 2015: Material at Salt Ash equestrian park tested by EPA

Newcastle Herald 17 December 21016: Port Stephens mayor Bruce MacKenzie faces more questions about soil dumped at a Salt Ash park

Examiner Nov 03 2015: Contamination fears prompt Port Stephens Council to fence off dirt piles at Salt Ash equestrian centre

Port Stephens Council Website 27 October 2015: Reports confirm soil not contaminated

Newcastle Herald 26 October 2015: Port councillors keen to get BMX track moving

Examiner Letters October 20 2015: Acid soil just first shot in local politics 

Examiner 13 October 2015Fears grow over BMX track spoil

Examiner 13 October 2015: Criticism bouncing off Mayor

Newcastle Herald 10 October 2015: Dirty over soil pile at horse track

Newcastle Herald 10 October 2015: Mayor under scrutiny over park work




Pony Club BMX

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