Aquaculture Research Lease Offshore From Hawks Nest

The TRRA Committee were invited to attend a special presentation by staff at the NSW Department of Primary Industries Port Stephens Fisheries Institute at Taylors Beach on Monday November 21. The presentations were very interesting and were followed up with an extensive tour of the Taylors Beach facility.

The proposal for a research lease is in its early stages and will require a full environmental assessment and the preparation of an application before proceeding to public exibition in 2012..

It is proposed that this research be done over the next five years to get the science right first, before commercial investment and activity commerces, unlike the present situation with Coal Seam Gas where it appears that the development of that industry is way ahead of the available science.

More information about this proposal is available on the DPI site Here and TRRA will be reporting further on this project and its impact on the Community as it develops. The Committee would like to thank the Institute staff for sharing this information with TRRA, early consultaion with the community on this type of proposal is essential.

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