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Battle lines drawn – the height war the Nelson Bay community must win. – Posted 08 Dec 2017


December 25 2017:  Community Protests Nelson Bay Strategy -Council has it Wrong

22 Sept 2017: Macka wins the Golden Ernie

Posted 25 May 2017            Thou Shalt not ‘impute’
Journalist Joanne McCarthy has finally made public in today’s Newcastle Herald, 24 May 2017, some of what we were aware has been going on behind the scenes at Port Stephens Council for some time.

25 July 2017: Monster final Port Stephens Council Panned


Council Decisions:

Ngioka Centre, can it survive?

Posted 14 June 2017 – Updated 28 June 2017

Port Stephens Council will reconsider its financial support of horticultural services at the Ngioka Centre, Little Beach.

Soldiers Point Marina Extension Update

Soldiers Point Community Group

   Click Here for the Council Amalgamations/Merger Page!

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