DA 16-2021-387-1 – 4136 – Anna Bay Heliport refused

Good news, and congratulations to all those who made well argued objections to this proposal for a major helicopter operation close to the Anna Bay Lawn Cemetery.  TRRA joined many others in opposing this as a wholly unsuitable location for such a noisy activity, incompatible with a long-established cemetery.

The Development Application has been refused by Council staff on multiple grounds:

The determination decision was reached for the following reasons:

  1. The proposed development is inconsistent with the Environmental Planning &
    Assessment Act 1979 and Port Stephens Local Environmental Plan 2013.
  2. The development is likely to detract from the rural character of the locality and impact
    the surrounding land uses negatively.
  3. The development is considered to have a negative social impact on the locality.
  4. The development is not suitable for the site.
  5. The development is not in the public interest.
  6. Council has given consideration to community views when making the decision to
    determine the application.

The Determination can be found at – Click Here

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One Response to DA 16-2021-387-1 – 4136 – Anna Bay Heliport refused

  1. Margaret Wilkinson says:

    Great result for the community. About time Council started to listen. Thanks TRRA for your efforts.

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