DA 2016-557-2 for 9 Shoal Bay Road, Shoal Bay – TRRA Submission

TRAA has lodged an objection to a proposed modification of the approved DA for a ‘motel’ at 9 Shoal Bay Road. We have concerns about the further increase in height – now more than 65% over the height limit for the site, and inadequate parking. We also consider that a decision should await the outcome of the current ‘Place Plan’ initiative and consultation for Shoal Bay.

View our detailed submission – Click Here

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3 Responses to DA 2016-557-2 for 9 Shoal Bay Road, Shoal Bay – TRRA Submission

  1. G Reid says:

    I believe the building is not suitable for the small size of the building block. There is insufficient parking in the design and the buildings in close proximity will be impacted by noise from the proposed Rooftop Terrace.
    The plan also exceeds the council height regulations substantially.

  2. G.Warrener says:

    Degrees in Urban Planning are a waste of time as are Local Plans, all the planning staff etc. Most developments in Australia don’t pass the pub test and its time we grew up and stopped this nonsense by vested interests

  3. Michael Mace says:

    I’m of the opinion that this building will sit nicely on Shoal Bay Rd.
    It shows that the area is on the move and will help bring more people to this area of Port Stephens.

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