TRRA has recently made submissions to the NSW Department of Planning on three important documents:

  • The Draft Hunter Regional Plan 2041, which sets the planning framework for the region – Click Here
  • A new approach to rezonings in NSW – Click Here
  • Design and Place – a complex suite of reforms to the planning system – Click Here

We think there are both good and bad aspects to all three initiatives, and have provided our detailed comments.

We made 3 major submissions during January, including for two DA’s that were readvertised after initial submissions expressed strong concerns from the community.

In the case of the proposed Heliport next to the Anna Bay cemetery, which attracted over 80 objections, TRRA believes that the token modifications proposed are totally inadequate and that the development should simply not proceed so close to the cemetery.

Submission Click Here

The readvertised proposed 9 storey unit block on the corner of Yacaaba and Tomaree Streets Nelson Bay totally ignored the issues previously raised about the height and bulk along with significant traffic issues now that Yacaaba St is one way.

Submisson Click Here

The third submission related to the modification of the design for the redevelopment of the Bannisters complex at Soldiers Point which was approved 10 years ago.  We have repeated our concerns about traffic (which has become more of a problem in the last decade) and environmental issues.

Submission Click Here

TRRA has prepared three Submission Guides on some important planning proposals on exhibition this month.

  • 9-storey Apartment building, Yacaaba St, Nelson Bay – applicants response to submissions and a new Visual Impact Assessment – submissions due by 21 January – Click Here
  • Bannisters Hotel redevelopment, Soldiers Point – changes to plans approved in 2011 – submissions due by 24 January – Click Here
  • Anna Bay Heliport – additional supporting material – submissions due by 26 January – Click Here

DA 2021-703 for revised ‘Ascent Apartments’ proposal for consolidated sites at 11-15 Church St

TRRA Submission

We submit that this DA should be refused, on multiple grounds which we set out
below, following the sequence of the Statement of Environmental Effects (SoEE)
submitted by the applicant.

The main grounds for refusal, either of which should on its own be conclusive,

• The applicant has failed to make a case for the 29% height exceedance –
see Part 2 of this submission for our critique of the Clause 4.6 Variation
• The applicant has failed to provide adequate evidence to support a proper
assessment of the visual impact. On the contrary, the documented design
of the proposed development would clearly have an adverse and
unacceptable visual impact in the context of the adopted Nelson Bay
Town Centre and Foreshore Strategy Delivery Program. See Part 3 of
this submission for our critique of the applicant’s Visual Impact

For Full Submission – Click Here

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