Sandmines in Port Stephens Area

TRRA supports Bobs Farm community in rejecting massive sand mine

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A major new sand mine at Bobs Farm, on the site of the fig and olive farm, was first proposed in 2014 and provoked immediate opposition both from the local community and more widely. The proponents – Ammos Resource Management, have now lodged a development application which is on exhibition, with a mass of supporting documents, until 1 February 2019. Click Here for full document.

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Key points of objection include:

Vegetation and Habitat loss: Clearance of over 100 acres of old growth forest on ancient sand dunes.

Disruption to Bobs Farm School: The proposed operations will see a loaded truck pass within metres of the school on average every three minutes.

Air quality: Additional particulate matter from diesel fumes and silica dust (a hazardous substance which can cause silicosis).

Road safety concerns: Up to 200 trucks per day (20 per hour) exiting into a 40km school zone, turning left onto Nelson Bay Road and “U” turning at the Port Stephens Drive roundabout.

Ground water: Will be affected due to dredging activity, this could threaten the quality and flow of the aquifer, particularly for those “downstream”.

Tank water:  Will potentially be contaminated.

Koala Habitat: The loss of preferred Koala Habitat

Ecological Corridor: The proposed artificial lake will remain permanently within an important ecological corridor limiting its function.

Ground water Contamination: There is a potential for ground water contamination from dredging of the site below the natural ground water level

Gateway to “the Bay”: This proposal is in an inappropriate location.  Visible to road users and adjacent to a residential area and school.

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