Jet Ski Controls Press Release

Tomaree Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc.

TRRA Calls on Authorities to Review Jet Ski Controls

The Tomaree Residents and Ratepayers Association has noted the significant number of articles and letters in the local press expressing concerns relating to the increasing jet ski activity on Port Stephens. It has resolved to request action on this by the controlling authorities.

At its April general meeting, TRRA heard reports on the increasing impacts of jet skis on marine animals including dolphins, whales, turtles and little penguins.  These animals find it difficult to take evasive action due to the low underwater noise emitted by approaching jet skis.  There are also threats to swimmers on the many heavily used beaches around the Bay, and noise pollution affecting both residents and visitors.

Association President, Ben van der Wijngaart said that “TRRA recognises that most jet skiers are responsible members of their communities and that to obtain a license, operators must be aware of restrictions and responsibilities which apply to their craft. However, some users fail to observe the rules and more resources are needed to guard against erratic and high-speed manoeuvring and inappropriate operation in proximity to other water users”.

“At this stage we are not calling for an outright ban on jet skis, but there needs to be a greater consideration of the residents and ratepayers and the impact on our huge water-based tourist and recreation industry focussed on marine life” said Mr van der Wijngaart.

TRAA has written to the NSW Premier, the Port Stephens Mayor and the local member of Port Stephens Ms Kate Washington MP, advising of these community concerns and calling for a review of jet ski operations on Port Stephens together with an examination of the existing rules and the effectiveness of their enforcement.

 Media Contact:

Geoff Washington – TRRA Media Officer Phone: 4981 3916                                                                      


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