Major Victory For Anna Bay Community Action Group

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Anna Bay 1We have just received news that Urban Growth NSW has voluntarily surrendered Development Consent 16-2012-800, relating to the 106 lot Torrens title residential subdivision, pursuant to s104A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  As the Voluntary Planning Agreement for the Anna Bay Community Recreation Centre relates to the Development Application we have been advised the agreement will therefore not be entered into.

TRRA attended some of the meetings held by the Anna bay Community Action Group regarding this contentious 106 lot subdivision behind Anna Bay, and were were impressed that they got some concessions and changes to the original plan, and gave some planning assistance where we could. Kate Washington, local MP also weighed into the issue and gave some support. As this site had been earmarked for development so long ago we really did not think it could be stopped altogether, but we have been told that the group had lodged a very strong court case against  JRPP and Urban Growth and this is the result. It appears that the project will not go ahead. Power to the people!

We wonder if the legislation being taken in the Federal Parliament today to stop third party ‘Vigilante Litigants’ from challenging projects on environmental grounds in the Federal Court will impact on these actions by Community groups in the future!

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