Sand Resort DA – Birubi Beach

There is a current DA for a 247 unit resort at 58 Gan-Gan Rd, Anna Bay, next to the currently derelict ‘Birubi Beach Resort’ site. Council has only advertised the DA for the minimum required exhibition period and submissions are due by 7 November 2019.  A meeting at the site has been arranged by the South Tomaree Community Association for 10am Friday 1 November which will be attended by State MP Kate Washington.

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One Response to Sand Resort DA – Birubi Beach

  1. Heather Callister says:

    The Fingal Link Rd needs to be cancelled once & for all.
    1- nearly every community in the Tomarree is subject to one way in – one way out – not just Fingal.
    2.- Too much land & tree degedation for construction. The Koala population is suffering enough.
    3- The Aboriginal people of the area will not concede any of their land to this proposed roadway.
    4- Cost — has always been prohibitive, – govt has not offered adequate finance, that everyone knows will blow out during construction & the ratepayers will have to foot the bill.

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