Local Politics 2014



What The Papers Had To Say…………

LOCAL POLITICS 2014: State Election Coverage

Newcastle Herald 30 December: 2014 Editorial: Reforming Electoral Donations

Myall coast News 17 December 2014: Liberal Candidate Race Is On

 Examiner 16 December 2014: Libs deny Jordan A Shoo In For Port Stephens Pre-selection

 Newcastle Herald December 17 2014: Bruce MacKenzie Considers Running For Port Stephens Seat

 Newcastle Herald December 16 2014: Jamie Abbott And Ken Jordan Running For Port Stephens

 Myall Coast News December 10 2014: Craig Bauman Steps Aside

 Examiner 10 December 2014: Port MP Craig Bauman To Stand Down

 ABC News Online 11 December 2014: Bauman Insists decision To Stand Down Is Not An Admission Of Corruption

 Newcastle Herald 10 December 2014: Editorial: Bauman Calls It Quits

 Newcastle Herald 10 December 2014: Craig Bauman Out of Next State Election Race

 Media Release 10 December 2014: Bauman Resignation – The liberal Party Has Let Port Stephens Down

 Media Release 10 December 2014: Statement From Craig Bauman MP

 Hansard 18 November: Member for Port Stephens Retirement

 Sydney Morning Herald November 18: Craig Bauman A ‘Star Chamber’ Lacking ‘Procedural fairness’

Newcastle Herald 18 November 2014 : I Detest Corruption: Craig Bauman Sidelined Liberal  Should Laws be Optional for Politicians?

Newcastle Herald 09 November 2014: Craig Baumann May Be forced To Quit Party

Newcastle Herald 09 November: Ken Jordan Seeks Maitland Nomination

Newcastle Herald 07 October 2014: Councillor Admits Friendship With Developer

Newcastle Herald 10 October: MPs In Donation Rorts Should Face Jail: Review

Newcastle Herald: 07 October: Single Authority Called For To manage Port Stephens Estuary

Newcastle Herald 23 September 2014: Steve Tucker New Deputy Mayor Port Stephens 

Newcastle Herald 24 September 2014 : Developer donation ban could be lifted if donation caps were lowered review hears 

Examiner 25 September 2014: Kate Washington: Craig Baumann must ‘resign’

Daily telegraph 18 September 2014: Jillian Skinner is on the chopper block over alleged second Buildev helicopter ride 

Daily Telegraph 17 September 2014: Federal MP Bob Baldwin linked with developer Buildev: He sold a block of land to company executive’s wife! 

Newcastle Herald 17 September 2014: Federal Paterson MP Bob Baldwin and Buildev director Darren Williams relationship in the spotlight

Examiner 18 September 2014: “The Corruption Coast” Wendy Zirngast

ICAC Hearings Conclude, September 12 2014: Fallout – Craig Bauman To Crossbench

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