Write Off Unrecoverable Debit…..!

billsThis little Gem was on Page 131 of the Papers  for the 28 October 2014 Ordinary Council meeting. CLICK HERE.

We  are still scratching our heads about this one.  What happened is clear in the report but we have never heard of  lease where the landlord pays the power bill then chases the tenant to recover it.  Forgetting to send the accounts is unforgivable but who is the intellectual giant at Council that draws up the leases. Obviously the legal advice that the Tenant got was a lot better than the Councils, that might explain some of the the other legal pickles we are in at the moment.

The Eagleton Quarry near Raymond Terrace is a case in point, we are yet to hear what the withdrawal from the case in the Land and Environment Court has cost Ratepayers. The potential of the long running case over the Lagoons Estate drainage is still of great concern, it has been in court again recently as well.  More reports on these matters as information comes to hand.

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