$230 Mil Anna Bay Resort

Bay Resort 1A developer, Raphel Shinn Enterprises, is planning to build a $230 Million dollar Eco-Resort at Anna Bay. A presentation on this project was given at a  TRRA General Meeting 10 August 12015 by Geoff Washington from our TRRA Planning Subcommittee.

Geoff has given the proposal a thorough going over and his Submission was endorsed by the meeting after hearing and incorporating the contributions and concerns of local residents. Joan Frost gave an excellent historical background to the site and the Anna Bay Drainage system built in 1978. Concerns had been expressed about the previous proposals for this site that did not get approval.

Anna Bay Resort-General Meeting Presentation

Anna Bay Resort-Final Submission to Planning Dept

Examiner 16 June 2015: Eco-resort proposed for Anna Bay 

Newcastle Hearld 24 July 2015: Scaled back version of Anna Bay resort

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