Local MP Takes On PSC Mayor

Macka may have finally met his match.


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It may have been easy to refuse public access and push people around at Council meetings when you are the Mayor, and abuse people at public meetings, but it may be another story when an elected representative starts taking you apart in Parliament under privilege with everything recorded in Hansard for all to see.

Kate Washington, newly elected, has stated that she won’t be intimidated by threats that she has received and has come out fighting. It is about time we got some representation in our parliament that is prepared to stand up for our local community and call these people out. It looks like that time has arrived………

Newcastle Herald 12 August 2015: MP launches fierce attack but mayor laughs it off

Here is the transcript of the full speech from Hansard, it is worth a read.

NSW Legislative Assembly Hansard 12 August 2015: MP Kate Washington

Newcastle Herald 14 August 2015: Spotlight on council actions

Newcastle Herald 15 August 2015: Council rejects MP’s lease claim

Newcastle Herald 19 Aug 2015: Mackenzie tells McKay: mind your own business

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